Newfoundland Poodle Mix – Your Complete Breed Guide To The Newfypoo

Finding it hard to keep track of every new hybrid dog is a mutual feeling. If you are not acquainted with many hybrid dog breeds, you may have wondered about the existence of a mixed breed between a Newfoundland dog and a Poodle.

In fact, a hybrid cross between a Newfoundland dog and a Poodle does exist, and it is called a Newfypoo. This mixed breed also goes by other names, including Newfiedoodle and Newdle. Despite its huge physique, this Newfypoo is also an amiable dog, making it an excellent companion.

However, since it’s a hybrid, you may have little information about it. Luckily, this article has covered almost everything you need to know about Newfypoos and how to take good care of them. So, carry on reading to find out more.

What Kind Of Dog Is A Newfypoo?

The Newfypoo is a dog born from the cross between a Newfoundland dog and a Poodle. This dog breed is not necessarily created via artificial insemination mainly because most Newfoundland dogs and Standard Poodles are almost exact sizes.


Male Newfypoos can grow to 25 inches and do not usually grow smaller than 22 inches. Adult males also weigh about 95 to 110 lbs. Female Newfypoos, on the other hand, weigh about 85 to 100 lbs and can grow as tall as 24 inches.

Newfypoos usually get this tall because both parents are of reasonable height. Newfoundland dogs are pretty tall; some can grow up to 29 inches! Moreover, Standard Poodles can reach 22 inches in height.

Unless your Newfypoo comes from the cross between a Newfoundland dog and a Toy Poodle or a Miniature Poodle, then you should expect your dog to grow quite tall.

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Newfypoos come in a variety of coat colors. The fur coat of your Newfypoo can be:

  • White
  • Black 
  • Brown
  • Pied
  • Blue 
  • Gray
  • Cream
  • Red 
  • Silver
  • Or a combination of two or three of these colors


Newfypoos either look like a Newfoundland dog or a Poodle. They possess a well-proportioned body and are rather big dogs. These canines usually tend to have big heads.

And their muzzles, which can either have a brown, black, or even pink nose in a rare case of albinism, are typically straight and long. Your Newfiedoodle may probably have brown or amber-colored eyes.

How Long Do Newfypoos Live?

Newfypoos usually live between 8 and 12 years, depending on how well you take care of them, in terms of grooming, diet and overall health status.

However, the longevity of your Newfypoo’s life generally depends on some factors. The main determinants of how long your Newfypoos live include:

  • Overall health status
  • Feeding status
  • Hygiene levels

Some health challenges are peculiar to Newfypoos and not just any dogs. Some of them are general illnesses most dogs encounter, and some of them are relatively rare. They include:

Canine Hip Dysplasia

This is a common condition that affects Newfypoos. It occurs when one or more joints in your Newfiedoodle’s hip becomes loose. The loose joints may be caused by ligament laxity.

This disease, in turn, may cause your pooch to experience severe hip pain and limb dysfunction during movement.

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This disease is also called eyelid entropion. It is a condition where one or both eyelids of your Newfypoos recede and enter into its eye sockets. When it has entropion, the eyelashes rubbing on your dog’s eyeballs will irritate, causing great discomfort for your dog.


Bloat is also known as gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV). This condition happens when your Newfypoo’s stomach inflates to an abnormal size because it is filled with gas, solid, or liquid food. This disease can lead to your pooch’s death if you don’t treat it in time.


Cataract is a prevalent disease in dogs, and just like entropion, it affects your Newfypoo’s eye. It occurs when the lens of your pooch gets clouded. Cataracts can lead to complete blindness of your pooch.

The good thing is that these diseases can be quickly diagnosed and treated by a vet. Therefore, it is imperative to take your Newfypoo to the vet hospital for checkups regularly.

Spaying Or Neutering

Your vet can spay your female Newfypoo anytime after it has passed eight weeks of age. But to avoid certain illnesses that can happen in the long run, it is best to do the spaying after your female Newfypoo has reached six months of age, another 18 weeks later.

You can also ask your vet to neuter your male Newfypoo when it has passed six months of age.

How To Take Care Of Newfypoos?

Taking care of a Newfypoo is relatively easy. All you have to do is ensure that critical areas of your pooch’s life are well taken care of. Two of these areas are an exercise routine and a high-quality diet.

High-Quality Diet

An adult Newfypoo needs to eat 3 cups of nutritious dog feed per day. Young Newfypoos usually eat smaller amounts ranging from ½ to 2 cups per day.

A typical Newfypoo diet is supposed to have appropriate proportions of essential nutrients it needs to grow. Among these are proteins, carbohydrates, and calcium.

There are several deficiency diseases your dog can have as a result of consuming food poor in nutrients. Luckily, you don’t need to combine different foods containing these essential nutrients in order to formulate the perfect feed by yourself.

For this purpose, Pet Plate has an established formulation as recommended by vets. It contains all the nutrients your dog needs to grow healthy. You will not regret arriving at this decision to feed your Newfypoo the proper way.

And if you’d like to stick with formulating your pooch’s feed yourself, you should always ensure that you include multivitamin supplements from time to time.

Adding these supplements will ensure your Newfiedoodle gets the vitamins for daily essential needs that may be in tiny quantities in its feed.

Investing in dental water additives is another great decision to make. Newfypoos are susceptible to periodontitis, just like most dogs. Putting such additives in its water will go a long way in preventing the occurrence of this disease.

Exercise Routine

Newfypoos need to exercise at least an hour every day. Taking your pooch on jogs and playing physically demanding games like “fetch” with it will help your canine friend to build cardiovascular endurance.

Regular exercise can also reduce the chances of your pooch becoming obese due to its huge appetite.

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Are Newfypoos Aggressive? Temperaments Of Newfoundland Poodle Mixes

Newfypoos are not typically aggressive dogs. Instead, they mostly associate well with people.

But some Newfypoos find it hard to be at peace with other dogs they haven’t met before. Nevertheless, your Newfypoo can be aggressive because of the following:

  • Inherent genes from either or both parents
  • Inadequate training from pet shop groomers
  • Influence from other dogs

Moderately Active

Newfypoos are not lazy dogs. They are moderately active dogs that like to play and are busy most of the time.

Your pooch can, however, develop laziness if you leave it to lie around all day. It will be best if you engage your pooch in activity if it tends to sleep a lot.

Easy To Train

Newfypoos are relatively easy to train. As long as you keep telling your pooch what to do and rewarding it regularly, it will have no problems picking up any training you give over time.

You may wonder whether Newfypoos are hard to potty train. Although this may take a while, it is pretty easy to potty train a Newfypoo, provided that you have training treats to award it each time it does something right.

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It will be best if you do not leave your Newfypoo alone for more than 6 hours. This mixed breed has many anxiety issues and destructive tendencies. Moreover, your furniture is never safe with an untrained Newfypoo alone due to its chewing tendency.

For some reason, if your Newfypoo is still behaving negatively, you should engage professional trainers to help you out.


Newfypoos are excellent and loyal dogs when trained well. They are very obedient and serve as great companions.

Is A Newfypoo Hypoallergenic? Grooming Tips For Newfoundland Poodle Mixes

Newfypoos can be considered to be hypoallergenic dogs because they shed minimally. This is also likely due to the inheritance of the hypoallergenic nature from the Poodle’s parentage.

Instead of high-maintenance, Newfypoos are dogs of medium-maintenance and require some grooming every day.


Grooming a Newfypoo is a straightforward task when you get used to it. There are two main aspects to consider when grooming a Newfypoo:

  • Deshedding and brushing
  • Bathing


Newfypoos have curly fur that tends to fall from their skin in little quantities all day. These shedded fur are allergens to you and your canine buddy. To avoid having bits of fur littering your home, it will be best if you deshed or brush your dog’s coat daily.

It is easy to do this as all you need to do is to get an excellent de-shedding tool and brush loose fur away in long gentle strokes. The FURminator Undercoat Tool is a beautiful de-shedding tool that gets the job done in no time.


Bathing your Newfypoo is easy as long as you know what to do. It will be best if you got a large basin if you don’t have a sink. Then, get your pooch into the water and scrub its fur lightly.

You should avoid using shampoo made from strong chemicals as they can bleach your Newfiedoodle’s fur. Mighty Petz 2-In-1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo And Conditioner is an excellent option for your pooch as it is gentle on your dog’s skin due to its natural oatmeal ingredient.

It will help if you bathe your Newfypoo once every two months, as it does not require much bathing. However, you can give your canine a good scrub when it begins to develop an odor or is muddy from an active day outdoors.

How Much Do Newfypoos Cost? Newfypoos typically cost between $1,000 and $2,500. The broad range in costs is because some Newfypoos may have specific characteristics like fur color that can lead to a price premium. For example, Newfypoos with pure-colored fur are usually more expensive than those with mixed-colored ones.

Can Newfypoos Swim? Yes, Newfypoos can swim. They inherit this trait from their Newfoundland dog parents. However, it will be best if you always supervise your canine when it swims to prevent it from drowning.

Can Poodles Get Along With Newfoundland Dogs? Yes, Poodles can get along with Newfoundland dogs. It may take a while for your Poodle to do so, especially if it has not interacted with other dogs frequently. Moreover, you should never bring an aggressive Newfoundland dog to your Poodle to avoid any brutal fights.

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