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Hardest Tricks To Train Dogs

Easy as it may seem, teaching a pooch how to wipe its paws takes some time. The same goes for the โ€œBangโ€ performance, which is quite entertaining but hard to master. And if you want your pup to play the piano for you, thatโ€™s a pretty complex thing to learn - but an amazing trick to show off to your friends!

Rhodesian Ridgeback Temperament And Personality

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are loyal pups and will do all they can to protect their owners from danger. They are strong-willed dogs that make learning new tricks and commands easy. Plus, they are dignified canines with an even temper and calm demeanor that makes them absolutely lovable.

Vets Based In Phoenix, Arizona

Great veterinary care is undoubtedly a contributing factor for a city to become one of the top 5 most populated cities in America. Thus, we have collated a list of the pet vet clinics in Phoenix, Arizona, based on treatment options, procedures, surgeries, and other medical services. Check out these 22 veterinary clinics right here!

What Kind Of Yogurt Can Dogs Eat?

Greek yogurt is an excellent choice because of the lower lactose content, which is suitable for pooches with lactose sensitivity. Plain yogurt without any added sweetener is good, too, as well as strawberry yogurt that contains fresh strawberries instead of artificial strawberry flavor.

Akita Mixes

Golden Akitas are fluffy pups with the Golden Retrieverโ€™s lush golden coat and the Akitaโ€™s pointy ears. Thereโ€™s also the Labrakita thatโ€™s a tad smaller than a Labrador but with a shorter coat than the Akita. Corgitas are quite like an Akita but with a Corgiโ€™s stubby legs!

Black Lab Mixes

The Pugador is a compact pooch with the Labโ€™s proportionate body shape and a Pugโ€™s signature overbite. If you prefer a hypoallergenic black Lab mix, then a Labradoodle is a fine choice with a Poodleโ€™s tight, low-shedding curls. Huskadors, on the other hand, are for active folks who love an agile and active pooch.