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Two Christmas Miracle Reunions To Cheer You Up This Holiday

The two reunions happened separately in Texas. The first one happened to one โ€œsweet dogโ€ named Gertie, getting reunited with her family through the assistance of shelter staff after being lost for over a year. And the other is a 12-year-old pooch named Jazzy, who was found abandoned in a Florida hotel after disappearing for nearly seven years from her Texas home.

Famed Pug Tiktoker Passed Away At 14

Noodle, the Pug, who became beloved on TikTok for his daily videos wherein his mood would determine whether it is a โ€œbones or no-bones day,โ€ died at the age of 14. His owner, Jonathan Graziano, posted a video message on his social media page about the sad news the day after his passing on December 2, 2022.

Top Pet Names For 2022 Released

A mixture of the traditional and the offbeat made it to the top names of dogs and cats in Roverโ€™s annual Top Pet Names Report, released November 15, 2022. In its tenth annual report, Rover listed the names, separated into males and females, analyzed from a database of millions of submissions from pet parents who adopted new dogs and cats throughout the United States this year. The list also included the top names by state and also by breed.