Best Dog Foods For English Bulldogs

The best dog food for english bulldogs is The Honest Kitchen Grain Free Dog Food For English Bulldogs.

Who doesn’t love English Bull Dogs? These dogs were originally used for fighting bulls but today’s English Bulldogs are typically passive and spend more time lounging. Their unique bodies result in a lot of health issues – which is why you need to give them a specific nutritional diet.

English Bulldogs need a high protein diet that is low in carbohydrates and fat. They are prone to obesity, so it’s important that you avoid foods with too many calories from fat or carbs. You should also be careful not to feed your English Bulldog table scraps because these contain more calories than their regular meal does. 

There are a lot of options when it comes to picking out the perfect dog food for your English Bulldog. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve created this comprehensive guide with some of the best suggestions on what brand and type of food is best for English Bulldogs!

#1 The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Wholesome Base Mix

The Honest Kitchen’s Human Grade Dehydrated Wholesome Base Mix is a bit different from your standard dog food. This one is for those dog owners who want to give a little extra love to their furry companions. It’s a raw-food diet recipe with nutrients sourced from vegetables and fruits such as apples, sweet potatoes, and more.

This one of the best dog food for English Bulldogs because you can’t get dog food made of higher quality ingredients and processing than this! It is 100% human-grade.

Besides the quality human-grade ingredients, the recipe is made in human food processing facilities with minimal processing to retain its nutritional value. It is GMO-free and does not contain any preservatives, antibiotics, or hormones.

It’s a great option for your English Bulldogs, as they tend to exhibit allergies and sensitive stomachs. You’ll be surprised at how even the pickiest eater will relish this grain-free recipe. Simply mix this dry dog food with some warm water, and it’ll be ready to eat.

It comes jam-packed with highly concentrated nutrition by removing all the water content in the food. The excess dehydration has helped retain natural vitamins, phytonutrients, and vitamins in the food. You have to mix it with water before you feed it to your English Bulldog.


  • Customers can mix this Honest Kitchen base mix with their preferred protein choices, which can either be fish or meat, to cater to their pooch’s food sensitivities and allergies.
  • This dehydrated base mix food product contains dried vegetables, nuts, and seeds that can be easily prepared by adding water and cooking slightly or served to pooches raw, after adding proteins.
  • This canine recipe from The Honest Kitchen is devoid of GMO ingredients, corn, wheat, soy, animal by-products, and other filler ingredients that have no nutritional benefits for English Bulldogs.
  • The minimal processing methods used in preparing this canine recipe will ensure the retention of nutrients that are important for the proper growth and development of pooches.
  • The use of human-grade ingredients and the high-quality standards employed in preparing this canine recipe ensures that it is safe for consumption by Bulldogs.


  • The high fiber content of this base mix recipe typically results in dogs passing out more stool than usual.
  • When considering the fact that proteins have to be purchased separately and added to this Honest Kitchen base mix, this product becomes relatively more expensive.

This is easily our top pick to feed English Bulldogs with because its dehydrated pre-mixed formulation is made with human-grade fresh fruits and vegetables to boost the nutritional value of each serving, and dog owners have the option of adding meat as an additional source of protein.

#2 Purina Pro Plan Weight Management Adult Dry Dog Food

We understand that you want the best dog food for your dog, but not everyone can afford high-quality dog food. You get what you pay for. Well, not with Purina Pro Plan Savor. You won’t believe how affordable this dog food is when you see how high-quality their ingredients are.

This Savor Shredded Blend by Purina Pro Plan is a well-balanced formulation of fats and proteins along with a healthy dose of glucosamine, minerals, and vitamins.

It is perfect for your English Bulldog because this one has 25% less fat as compared to the Savor Shredded Blend formula of chicken & rice. Since the calorie content per weight is substantially lower, it makes it an ideal dog food for breeds like this as they tend to gain weight easily. Their first ingredient is real chicken presented in meaty, tender shreds.

We love Purina Pro Plan Savor because this affordable dog food helps reduces your English Bulldog’s calorie intake. English Bulldogs are known to have a tendency to gain weight easily. The wheat bran sourced natural prebiotic fiber is good for the beneficial bacteria that live in your dog’s intestinal tract and gives them a healthy digestive system.


  • The optimal protein-to-fat ratio of this Purina Pro Plan diet, which stands at 27% to 9%, ensures the formation of the lean muscle mass that is typical with English Bulldogs.
  • This Pro Plan recipe from Purina contains live probiotics and natural fiber content that provide support for the digestive health of English Bulldogs.
  • The crunchy kibble design of this Purina Pro Plan diet, which contains meaty shreds for improved flavor, encourages chewing by pooches, thereby helping to prevent plaque and tartar buildup on a dog’s teeth.
  • The high protein content of this Purina adult dog food, which is guaranteed with the use of real chicken as the main ingredient, provides the energy needed for Bulldogs to remain active.
  • Omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin A contained in this Purina recipe help maintain the shiny appearance of a Bulldog’s coat.


  • Several customers have reported that the Purina food packages they received were contaminated with bugs.
  • The inconsistent quality of the Purina Pro Plan recipe usually results in customers receiving food packages whose pellets are either too small or too big for their pooches to chew comfortably.

#3 Royal Canin Dog Food For English Bulldogs

We love that this dog food from Royal Canin is specifically designed for Bulldogs. It has a bevy of high-quality ingredients that address the health issues associated with English Bulldogs. It offers tailor-made nutrition to help maintain their joints, protect their sensitive skin and help in digestion to eliminate stinky gas.

The kibble has a wave-like shape designed especially for your English Bull dog’s unique jaw so that it is easy for them to pick it up with their mouth and chew.

This recipe comes with precise fiber content, easily digestible proteins, and quality carbohydrates to promote healthy digestion and decrease stinky gas and bad stool odors.

We love that this dog food addresses the two vital issues that English Bulldogs typically face – upset digestion and weak bones and skin. The fibers reduce digestive, and flatulence upset while the EPA and DHA maintain healthy bones and joints.


  • The specialized kibble design of this dog food product makes it easier for English Bulldogs, with their characteristic short snouts, to pick up and chew the pellets.
  • Royal Canin’s adult dry dog food contains highly digestible proteins and a precise fiber content that is beneficial to a pooch’s digestive system and helps reduce gas buildup and prevent smelly stools.
  • This Royal Canin recipe contains EPA and DHA to provide the bone and joint support that is needed for dogs, such as English Bulldogs, with short and stocky bodies.
  • Customers can mix these Royal Canin kibbles with appropriate wet dog food products to increase the meal’s flavor and also provide healthy rehydration for the pooches.
  • This dog food for English Bulldogs contains natural sources of omega fatty acids that protect the Bulldog’s skin folds from irritants and, ultimately, help the pooch maintain a shiny coat appearance.


  • Several Bulldogs have reportedly developed allergic reactions to some of the ingredients contained in this Royal Canin recipe.

#4 Holistic Select Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

This Holistic Select Natural grain-free formula is a perfect example of the brand’s mission to give pet parents the option of healthy dog food. The natural formula is ideal for providing your English Bulldog with a balanced diet that promotes a healthy digestive system.

This wholesome formula contains no grains, fillers, wheat gluten, meat by-products, or artificial flavors and colors. This formula has 3 healthy, premium sources of protein – salmon, anchovies, and sardines. Nutritious and delicious, it can’t get any better than this formula.

This is a natural formula made using premium quality protein sources – real salmon, anchovies, and sardines. The product is made using the highest standards of food quality in the US.


  • Holistic Select recipes are formulated with fish-based proteins in salmon, anchovy meal and sardine meal to fulfill the nutritional requirements needed for the proper physical development of English Bulldogs.
  • This grain-free dog food contains a blend of prebiotics, probiotics, live yogurt cultures, digestive enzymes, and natural fiber, all of which work together to enhance digestive health in a pooch.
  • This dog food product is prepared in a US-based manufacturing plant, with globally sourced high-quality ingredients from reputable suppliers, to ensure compliance with best quality control practices.
  • This grain-free recipe makes up for the absence of grains with the inclusion of Taurine to promote canine cardiac functions and prevent the development of heart-related medical conditions in English Bulldogs.
  • This dog food doesn’t contain meat by-products, wheat, filler ingredients, artificial preservatives, or flavors to ensure that it is largely safe for canine consumption.


  • Some customers have reported the presence of mold in the Holistic Select food bags they received.

#5 Naked Essentials Dry Dog Food

If you want your English Bulldog to get maximum nutritional quality from his dog food, you simply must try “I And Love And You” Grain Free Naked Essentials. The product claims its ingredients are premium quality and hand-picked from all over the world.

It features real chicken and duck along with grain-free carbohydrates and supplements like probiotics and prebiotics to promote healthy digestion. This dog food will also promote brain development in your Bulldog thanks to the DHA content. It contains Omega 3 & 6 sourced from fish oils and flaxseeds that will help to promote healthy skin and a soft coat for your buddy.

Besides its premium, hand-picked ingredients, the Naked Essentials Dog Food contains no fillers and no by-product meals.


  • The high protein formulation of this dry dog food product, which boasts up to 30% protein, provides the building blocks for the formation of lean muscle mass in English Bulldogs and also maintains active muscles.
  • Customers can either serve this dry kibble product to their pooches straight out of the bag or mix it with appropriate wet dog food to increase the flavor and palatability for their pooches.
  • The prebiotics and probiotics blend contained in this dry dog food prevents the occurrence of common digestive issues, thereby promoting the digestive health of English Bulldogs.
  • The flaxseed and fish oil contained in this Naked Essentials recipe provide the omega fatty acids needed to maintain the characteristic well-polished appearance of an English Bulldog’s coat.
  • Naked Essentials Dry Dog Food is manufactured in the company’s facility located in Colorado, with ingredients gotten from healthy sources around the world.


  • There is no provision for product returns, in the event that a Bulldog doesn’t like this Naked Essentials recipe.
  • Some pooches have reportedly found it difficult to chew the small-sized kibbles of this Naked Essentials product.

#6 Nulo Grain-Free All Natural Dog Food

It’s very easy for English Bulldogs to gain weight. This Nulo grain-free lamb dog food is a 100% all-natural formula made with clean ingredients to promote healthy weight for your dog. High in protein but low in fat, this recipe has a BC30 probiotic, low-carb formula to supply your dog with robust energy without running the risk of gaining weight.

The complex carbs like sweet potatoes and chickpeas not only provide fiber but also helps him to sustain his energy levels between meals. It is a grain-free dog food that doesn’t have allergy-triggering ingredients like corn, soy, wheat gluten, artificial additives, etc.

This dog food recipe is a game changer for English Bulldogs with severe allergies or sensitive stomachs. It is free from common dog allergens and is enriched with fatty acids.


  • Nulo’s All Natural recipe contains niacin from its lamb content and vitamin B6, both of which work to provide the energy needed by English Bulldogs to maintain an active lifestyle.
  • The amino acids provided by the animal-based protein content of this recipe, obtained from lamb, facilitate the development of lean muscle mass in English Bulldogs.
  • This Nulo recipe also contains significant sources of calcium and phosphorus to enhance the formation of strong and healthy bones and joints in dogs.
  • The balanced amount of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids contained in this recipe keeps a pooch’s coat shiny at all times.
  • The patented BC30 probiotic composition of this dog food product strengthens the digestive health of English Bulldogs, thereby ensuring better nutrient absorption.


  • Several pooches have reportedly shown no interest in eating the Nulo kibbles, even when mixed with other canine food products.
  • This Nulo recipe is quite pricey, compared to other available dog food products for English Bulldogs.

#7 Blue Buffalo Freedom Natural Dry Dog Food

Want your English Bulldog to go on a low sodium diet? Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain-free dog food is your perfect choice. Its first ingredient is real meat and features high-quality proteins like deboned chicken, as well as chicken meal and fish meal.

Essential proteins and carbohydrates enable your bulldog to meet its daily energy requirements, growth, and general well-being. In addition, it features a precise blend of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants to provide an abundant source of energy and fiber.

All Blue Buffalo Freedom recipes are free from chicken or poultry by-product meals.

It’s not very often that you get low-sodium dog food in the market. If you want your bulldog to get the best dog food and nutrition, this 100% grain-free dog food is a great choice.


  • The animal-based protein content of this Blue Buffalo recipe helps English Bulldogs build and maintain strong muscles and a lean, yet healthy physique.
  • The Freedom Natural recipe contains sweet potatoes and peas that are a source of complex carbohydrates that provide the energy needed for English Bulldogs to maintain an active lifestyle.
  • Blue Buffalo’s Freedom dog food is crafted with LifeSource bits, which is a blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, that is specially prepared to fortify the canine immune system.
  • This dry dog food contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to make sure that an English Bulldog’s coat maintains its characteristic shine and luster.
  • This dog food product is prepared without poultry by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy and other ingredients that commonly trigger allergic reactions in English Bulldogs.


  • The grain-free recipe of this dog food product, which lacks taurine, has been linked with the development of heart-related medical conditions in dogs.
  • Some dogs have developed bloody diarrhea after eating this Blue Buffalo product.

#8 Natural Balance Low Calorie Dry Dog Food

Natural Balance Low-Calorie Dry Dog Food is specifically formulated to maintain a healthy weight for your English Bulldog. These foods are not only low in calories but also contain L-carnitine to help maintain muscle mass and reduce fat storage.

It includes fiber, grains, and protein that will make your pup feel satisfied for hours or so without feeling overstuffed. There are even specially added vitamins E C and Zinc for immune support. Their formula is all-natural with no artificial flavors preservatives or colors. This fantastic dog food has the perfect protein-rich blend of chicken, oats and carrots. 

The wholesome grains with fiber may even support digestion by slowing nutrient absorption; plus added vitamin E, C, omega 3 fatty acids (a natural anti-inflammatory), and zinc, as well as prebiotic fiber for digestive health, make this formula perfect for dogs not only in weight loss but maintaining their ideal weight. 

The Natural Balance low-calorie dry dog food provides all the nutrition your English Bulldog needs, in a low-calorie formula. Made with targeted levels of L-carnitine to help maintain a healthy weight, this food contains a special fiber and protein mix that helps your pup feel full and satisfied.


  • The protein content of this Natural Balance dog food is appropriate for the formation of lean muscle mass to keep English Bulldogs physically fit.
  • This Natural Balance recipe contains a calculated amount of L-carnitine to aid with fat metabolism and prevent a Bulldog from gaining excess, unhealthy weight.
  • Natural Balance’s low-calorie recipe features a special blend of proteins and fibers that is designed to keep a Bulldog full for longer periods and prevent overfeeding.
  • The inclusion of vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc in this dry food recipe provides the canine immune system with the support needed to fight off infections and diseases.
  • Customers can purchase this Natural Balance food product in either of the available size options – 5 lbs, 15 lbs, and 28 lbs – depending on their budget and pooch’s feeding habits.


  • This dog food product reportedly comes with a strong scent that seemingly puts off some pooches from eating the kibbles.
  • Some dogs developed stomach upsets after consuming this Natural Balance recipe.

Dog Food For English Bulldogs Buyer’s Guide

Bulldogs may be small in size, but they are muscular. It is important for them to get a proper supply of proteins.

They need adequate food to maintain balanced body weight and shape. The problem is that many English Bulldogs are also prone to meat allergies. We all know it’s not easy to find non-meat-based dog foods with a high supply of proteins. A great alternative is a fish which can be a healthy protein source for your English Bulldog.

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Feeding Guidelines

Puppies: These little darlings need to be fed more frequently than adult Bulldogs. You need to feed them approximately 4 times a day. By the time they reach 4 months, you can reduce it to 3 times a day. They can start eating as adult Bulldogs when they reach 6 months of age.

Adult English Bull Dog: Adult Bulldogs need to eat two times a day. Many pet owners feed their dogs only once a day, but a better practice is to feed them two times in a day. Feeding them two smaller portions of food two times a day will help your dog keep a healthy digestive system.

Hydration: You need to keep plenty of water near them especially during hot weather. Bulldogs simply cannot tolerate humidity and heat. To keep them hydrated, you need to provide them 1 ounce of water for every pound they weigh.

When To Feed Them

Many pet owners feed all the food to their dogs at one time, but it is important that they eat in small portions.

English Bulldogs are notorious for over-eating. No matter how much food you place before them, they will eat it all! To prevent bloating and other digestive problems, feed them smaller portions throughout the day.

Common Health Concerns for English Bulldogs

English Bulldogs are known for certain health issues. They were bred for a specific purpose and unfortunately, this unique body composition puts them at risk for multiple health issues. However, with a healthy diet, your dog can avoid many of these.

Weight Gain

English Bulldogs are lazy and known for lounging around all day; hence it’s very easy for them to put on weight. Pet owners need to make sure they maintain a strict diet and exercise daily.

What they need is the right amount of calories that is just right for their activity level and a formula that is free from any bad carbohydrates. Always keep an eye on their weight in order to avoid obesity because their breed doesn’t take too well to excessive weight gain.

Typically, the approximate weight of an adult English Bulldog should be 50 pounds. Bigger males can weigh up to 55 pounds while female Bulldogs generally weigh around 45 pounds.

Hip Dysplasia

English Bulldogs have a distinct body build. Their body is muscular, yet very short. Their body mass is mostly concentrated near their belly. This uneven distribution of weight puts a lot of pressure on their hip joints.

This is why their hips are not properly aligned. It causes a lot of pain and makes them walk differently. You can manage this problem with the help of glucosamine. This ingredient will strengthen their joints and keep them healthy.

Look for dog foods that have natural sources of glucosamine. You can also find dog foods that are specially formulated to address this problem. Always remember to look for the supplements in the ingredients list before you buy them.

Eye Issues

English Bulldogs typically suffer from eye issues. These dogs can start losing their eyesight at a very young age. Beta-carotene is effective in improving their eyesight. With continual consumption, it can improve their vision tremendously.

You can find it in orange-colored fruits and vegetables like carrots. Keep an eye out for ingredients that have beta-carotene to help fight your dog’s poor vision.

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The Key To A Balanced Diet

English Bulldogs are easily susceptible to weight gain, and so they need a well-balanced, nutritional diet. To maintain optimum health, you need to make sure they stick to high-quality ingredients.


English bulldogs, just like other dogs,  are naturally omnivores and so the dog food they eat every day should be protein-based. It is the only source of amino acids for them.

English Bulldogs need amino acids for their body to function properly. Any amount of protein shortage in their diet will lead to weakness and even organ failure.

Choosing the right source of protein is just as important as choosing the amount you feed them. Proteins are sourced from the muscles of the meat, so the best dog food for your English Bulldog is to find an all-natural meat source. Raw meat is the best, but your dog will benefit just as well from a natural protein. Avoid processed proteins and animal by-products by all means. You can get healthy sources of proteins from:

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Fish


If you are feeding an English Bulldog, it is imperative that you carefully choose the source of carbohydrates. It is the source of energy production and is generally a more affordable ingredient to use in dog food formulas. This is why many brands use high quantities of carbohydrates to maintain a low production cost.

Unfortunately, feeding high amounts of carbohydrates to your English Bulldog is not advisable because low-quality carbs will make them gain weight.

Look for ingredients that are slow-burning. It will ensure your bulldog gets enough energy while keeping them slim. Some examples are:

  • Sweet potato
  • Barley
  • Brown rice


It is very important for your English bulldog to consume only good quality fat. The high-quality fatty acids will give them healthy skin and a shiny coat. Low-quality fats will make them gain weight. Essentially, fats will help to absorb vitamins and promote a healthy digestive system.

Make sure your dog food has only a small percentage of fats; otherwise he/she will run the risk of growing obese. High-quality fats include:

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How To Choose The Best Dog Food For Your English Bulldog

English Bulldogs are known for their flat face and short muzzles, giving them a small jaw.

It’s challenging for them to pick up food and chew it. It is also difficult for them to take in enough air while eating.

They are also prone to dental issues, immune and digestive problems, and obesity. They don’t live very long, and the best you can do is ensure a healthy life for them during their short lifetime.

It is very important for you to make sure that the dog food you choose for your furry friend is optimal in helping them live longer.

Here’s a list of the best dog food for your English bulldog when it comes to their nutrient requirement, kibble size, palatability, and more.

Specialist Dog Foods

Studies show that the nutritional need for dogs differs according to their age, size, and breed. An older bulldog will require a lower level of energy as compared to a puppy.

You need to take your dog’s body size into account. A larger English Bulldog will benefit from dog food formulas that are designed to boost joints.

Breed-Specific Formulas

Studies show that dog breeds have different metabolisms and that there is a lot of potential in feeding them breed-specific formulations. While it may be easy to make certain specialist dog diets, it is not so easy with others.

There is no evidence in this ever-growing field that shows how these dog foods should be made for each breed. For instance, some formulations for senior dogs advertise less protein quantity, but scientists have still not proven how much protein senior dogs need.

Benefits Of Specialist Dog Foods

Despite all this, many dog owners have seen a significant improvement in their dogs when they feed them specialist dog foods based on the size, age, or breed.

Many dog food companies may conduct their own internal studies to prove that their specialist diet works as advertised.

Vets definitely claim dogs benefit more from age-specific dog foods.

But there is still not a lot of information based on evidence that can create a consensus on how effective these specialist dog foods can be.

If you are feeding your dog one, remember that it will not act as a panacea and that it will not replace medications for any serious health issues.

Final Thoughts

English Bulldogs are often susceptible to health issues like loss of vision, weak joints & digestion, unpleasant gas and stool odor, obesity, and more. When choosing the best dog food for your dog, remember to keep in mind their health challenges.

Ideally, The Honest Kitchen Grain-free dog food is a game-changer for sensitive breeds like English Bulldogs. Since most English Bulldogs develop meat allergies, this veggie nut & seed base mix offers a healthier alternative. It also takes care of all health areas of your dog’s life with quality ingredients like fiber, antioxidants, probiotics, natural ingredients, etc.

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