Best Motorcycle Dog Carriers

The best motorcycle dog carrier is Kuryakyn Black Grand Pet Palace Motorcycle Dog Carrier.

Ever wanted to bring your dog along on road trips with your motorcycle?

Well, now you can. Your furry friend can now enjoy cruising down the highways with you using a motorcycle dog carrier.

It is an innovative product that can keep your dog safe, while letting them feel the fun and excitement a motorbike ride can give.

Hereโ€™s the list of the best motorcycle dog carriers that you can buy! 

#1 Kuryakyn Black Grand Pet Palace Motorcycle Dog Carrier

Kuryakyn 5288 Grand Pet Palace: Portable Weather Resistant Motorcycle Dog/Cat Carrier Crate for...
  • Internal frame with rigid structural support offers peace of mind knowing your pet is protected; UV-rated...
  • Sissy bar straps, multiple D-rings, and adjustable straps offer easy, secure mounting options; Features side-mounted...
  • Easy-clean removable foam cushion offers a comfortable ride for your pet; Amenities include an internal adjustable...

If you are looking for a premium motorcycle dog carrier, then Kuryakyn Pet Palace Bag is the number one choice. This bag is designed to encase your pet pooch in an incomparable luxury that is also safe. The material used in this bag is UV-resistant. It is a 1200 denier textile that is weather resistant with a waterproof cover in case it rains.

With your furry friend’s safety in mind, you can concentrate on your driving as your pooch enjoy the ride. For added protection, this motorcycle carrier has a rigid internal frame. It will not bend, crumple or fold. The base is also rigid, maintaining the overall structure of the carrier.

The sleeping pad inside will keep your canine companion comfortable. This cushion is removable, and you can throw it in your washing machine to clean. It also has windows for your furry friends to have a view and supply of fresh air while inside. Clearly, this is the best motorcycle canine carrier in the market today.

The mesh side windows and the top-down can give your dog plenty of options on how they can see the world while on your bike. We also love the little thoughtful details like the interlocking food dishes and the drink bottle pocket. It provides convenience for the pet owner. With multiple mounting systems, this motorcycle dog carrier is versatile for most motorcycle sizes.


  • Well ventilated with the four mesh windows on the carrier
  • Your dog can ride in any weather with the UV-rated textile used
  • Sissy bar strap, D-ring plus adjustable safety harness straps for easy installation
  • Easy to clean and removable cushion

#2 Milwaukee Heavy Duty Motorcycle Dog Carrier

When it comes to durability, Milwaukee Heavy Duty Motorcycle Dog Carrier has superb PVC make. It won’t be ripped apart that easily even in an accident. This helps to keep your dog safe during all the motorcycle rides. It is also waterproof; your furry friend is safe when it rains. Another excellent characteristic of this carrier aside from being comfortable is it has two sturdy handles to carry around easily.

It also has a convenient dual mounting system; you can strap it onto your motorbike, and at the same carry it around like a backpack. It is well ventilated too with mesh window panels and built-in small pouches to store the things for your furry friends while on a joyride.

This motorcycle carrier is not fancy like the others, but it does the job without complications. If you are the type who would go for functionality rather than aesthetic, then this model is for you.

If you want an affordable motorcycle dog carrier that is not too fancy and more on functionality, this is the model for you. What is good about this carrier is it can function as a motorcycle carrier and as a backpack. With its dual functionality, you can take your furry sidekick anywhere with you.


  • Strong PVC material for durability with dual handles
  • Durable and breathable mesh panels to have proper ventilation
  • Easy mounting with the adjustable sissy bar straps and clips
  • Water-resistant with leak-proof materials

#3 Outward Hound Pooch Front Dog Carriers

Outward Hound PoochPouch Dog Front Carrier, Medium, Grey
  • HANDS-FREE, PADDED STRAP PET CARRIER: The PoochPouch Front Carrier is ideal for carrying smaller pups who arenโ€™t...
  • BREATHABLE & DURABLE: The PoochPouch Front Carrier is designed with lightweight, mesh fabric that keeps your pup cool on...
  • INTERIOR SAFETY HARNESS: Clip your pup's harness into the interior safety harness and gently cinch in the top drawstring...

You can tuck your little buddy inside this Outward Hound Pooch Pouch, and together you can explore new surroundings while riding your motorbike and bicycle. It is made from waterproof nylon fabric and a plush material inside.

This motorcycle carrier has a nicely padded back and straps, while the pouch can provide maximum comfort for your pet pooch. It will also calm him down and reduce tension because it is front-facing and provides more physical contact with you.

This dog carrier is perfect for small breeds who want to go on a little adventure with you. We liked that it has proper ventilation and a padded strap and back for our furry friends to feel comfortable while on the go. It is comfortable, keeps the dog safe, and easy to carry.


  • The top has drawstring and safety harness for maximum security
  • Mesh window sides panels for ventilation
  • Extra pockets to store your pooch’s necessities

#4 NICREW Legs Out Front-Facing Dog Carrier

NICREW Out Front Dog Carrier, Hands-Free Adjustable Pet Backpack Carrier, Wide Straps with Shoulder...
4,089 Reviews
NICREW Out Front Dog Carrier, Hands-Free Adjustable Pet Backpack Carrier, Wide Straps with Shoulder...
  • NICREW dog carrier backpack is designed for carrying small dogs/cats, and highly recommend for puppy or kitten less than...
  • The dog front backpack is made from breathable cotton and polyester fibre, durable and comfortable. Large area of mesh...
  • Adjustable wide straps with elastic design in neck of the dog backpack allows for sufficient flexibility. Wider and...

Another front-facing dog carrier that allows your puppy to enjoy the ride with his legs extended out and exposed. This is an ingenious design because the carrier can support the dog well and at the same time allows you to carry him comfortably.

You can wear this on your back while going on a hike, bike rides, and other outdoor adventures.

We found NICREW Legs out Carrier is excellent to carry your do wherever you went and however be it on a bike or motorcycle. It is extra comfortable for you and your pet pooch, and it is easy to use.


  • With mesh panels for added ventilation and accessibility for your furry friend
  • Adjustable straps for maximum comfort on your shoulders and back
  • Easy in and out design with zippers and Velcro fastening

#5 Saddlemen Pet Voyager Motorcycle Dog Carrier

Saddlemen 3515-0131 Pet Voyager, Black
  • The best way to carry your small pet on your motorcycle in comfort, plus this carrier doubles as an effective cargo bag
  • Multiple vents and access flaps let you vent fresh air to your pet while providing easy access to your pet or cargo
  • Spacious pet compartment Includes a removable and washable bottom tray and resting pad for your pet's comfort; Includes...

At a glance, you can tell that the Saddlemen Pet Voyager has a lot of features to like. This model has a double mounting system that is compatible with any motorbike. It also has a comfortable and spacious compartment, and a comfortable pad included so your furry friend can travel along comfortably.

There is a hard bottom to support a maximum of a 15-pounder dog with water and food trays neatly placed in the interior pockets. For optimum ventilation it has flaps and vents, your pooch will surely enjoy the views too. The extra sissy bar straps in the motorcycle carrier are to secure your four-legged companion from being tossed to and from while traveling.

What we like about this model is its versatility. Aside from mounting in your motorcycle as a canine carrier, it has straps included to convert into a backpack or a carrier bag. Its features provide safety and comfort for the dog and comfort for you. The internal straps also offer added protection to keep your pooch calm during bumpy rides.


  • Fits comfortably in any motorcycle with multiple mounting methods
  • With multiple vents for maximum ventilation
  • Versatile as it comes with backpack straps
  • Made with durable materials

Motorcycle Dog Carrier Buyer’s Guide

There are many varieties of motorcycle dog carriers designed to make them more comfortable and safer for your furry friend to ride with you. As with all the other products in the market, you must have a discerning eye to know what is right and what is not. 

Take a look at the features to consider when selecting a motorcycle carrier for your furry friends.

2 Different Types Of Motorcycle Dog Carrier

Motorcycle carriers have two types you can choose from – the wearable carrier and crate-style carrier.

Wearable Carrier

This carrier is similar to a backpack that you can attach to your body or strap to your back. The wearable carrier is stylish and the choice of dog owners during the parade to display their beloved pooch. It is a wearable carrier and provides your dogs with plenty of room to wriggle.

Sometimes, dog owners find them at a disadvantage especially if your canine companion is not well-behaved. Most often this motorcycle carrier is ideal for slow speeding and short trips.

Crate-Style Carrier

The crate-style carrier can limit your interaction with your furry friend. However, but when safety is a concern, it is the best carrier that can protect your pooch better. Most of the crate-style carrier is built to withstand road debris, strong winds and during an accident, its severe impact. This type of motorcycle carrier is suited for those long trips and high speeds.

Both types of motorcycle carriers can be appropriate for your dogs, and it all depends on the personality of your dog and your requirements. If you are the adventurous type, you will need both.

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Consider The Safety Features

Safety should be your number one priority when it comes to choosing the right motorcycle dog carrier. It should keep your dog safe, secure, and snug during travels. For the wearable option, the size should be just right to contain the dog comfortably. If the carrier is not well-fitted, the dog might topple and might get hurt. It should also be sturdy and balance to keep your pooch from tossing during bumpy rides.

For the crate-style option, make sure that you can fit it securely on your bike. The carrier should have sturdy latches and locks. It should prevent your furry friend from falling off the bike.

You can buy additional accessories for added safety like a pair of protective glasses or goggles. This will ensure that their eyes are protected from debris and dust while riding with you. It will also be nice to throw in a helmet too for more safety precautions. There are helmets available for your buddy to protect him in case an accident happens.

Make Sure That It Is Comfortable

Your dogโ€™s comfort is another priority when choosing a carrier, or else your pooch will not an unpleasant experience and never come again. If the wearable carrier, it should have just enough room but not too confined either. It should also be made of comfortable materials and not caused chafing.

A bigger crate is not the perfect one all the time. You must select a size that will allow the dog to turn around, sit up and stretch. Dogs should not be given any other items while it is contained in the carrier to avoid any distractions. The padded interior can also add comfort and if possible a removable cushion.

Installation Or Mounting

Motorcycle dog carriers must have a hassle-free installation. When you select a carrier in crate-style, it should be easy to install and can be detached easily to avoid any damage. You should search for a detachable model for convenient cleaning and maintenance. It should also have adjustment points to customize its fit.

For wearable motorcycle carrier options, you must look for the same feature, adjustability. You must make sure that the carrier fits snugly on your body. Unless you are too tall or short, it should not be a problem to find the one the fits you and your furry companion perfectly.

Image from Best Bully Sticks

Lookout For A Weather-Proof Design

Drizzles can often come at a moment when you least expect them. Even when you are riding on a bright and sunny day, make sure to pick up a carrier made with waterproof materials. It will keep your dog from getting wet and keep it warm even during a sudden downpour. When it comes to this feature, the carriers in crate-style have an advantage. However, the new models of wearable motorcycle carriers for dogs are now water-proof.

Most of the new materials for dog motorcycle carriers come with weather-proof features to keep your dogs dry during the ride. With this type of material, you can enjoy long trips with your pooch, come rain or shine. As always, it better to be well prepared by bringing along a dog raincoat too. 

Durable Materials & Finishing

When you are riding on the highway for miles and miles, the wind and elements can take their toll on your gear, even on your motorcycle dog carrier. This is the reason why you must look for a dog carrier that has a durable finish and of high-quality so that you donโ€™t need to replace them very often.

The price of motorcycle dog carriers can vary greatly. Most of those carriers that lean towards higher selling prices offer more durability and high quality. The material and design also matter when buying a dog carrier. A heavily padded and waterproof dog carrier with storage space would be great for motorcycle riders. It has the right material for the intended use of the carrier and well-built to serve its purpose.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many motorcycle carriers that you can buy online or in retail stores. 

Our top pick for the best motorcycle dog carriers is the apparent winner. It has a lot of robust features that will help to keep your dog safe while riding with you.

It is essential to think about your dog when choosing a motorcycle carrier and how they will fit in the carrier. You should also think about how you are going to use it and where you are going to mount it. When selecting a motorcycle dog carrier, take the cons into account and focus on how the carrier can benefit you and your pet pooch.

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