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Dogs Utilized To Weed out Invasive Plants In Wyoming

For two consecutive days, Finn, the Chocolate Labrador Retriever, has been sniffing out along the Snake River in Wyoming to search for invasive plants. The plants they seek are pepperweed and salt cedar plants which are noxious and non-native to Jackson Hole’s riverbanks.

Florida Man Battles 8-Foot Hungry Alligator To Rescue His Dog

Faced with the tough decision between losing your dog to an alligator, or jumping into the water to fight an 8-foot alligator, most people will let their canine buddy go, rather than risking their lives. This was, however, not an option for McCoy from Florida. When a hungry alligator snatched McCoy’s pet, a chocolate Labrador Retriever named Jake, McCoy did what many wouldn’t have done. He jumped into the pond and fought the alligator until it let go of his dog.

Dog Helps Researcher Find Bees In Colorado Mountains

A researcher has been getting a lot of help in her search for bumblebees from a conservation dog. Jacqueline Staab, with the help of her German Short-Haired Pointer named Darwin, has been exploring around Hoosier Pass and parts of the White River National Forest in Summit County, Colorado in search of the alpine bumblebees.