Best Dog Crates For Truck Beds

The best dog crates for truck beds is Owens 55006.

While there are endless choices for dog crates in general, there are very few crates that are specifically designed for a truck bed.

However, the ones that are do cost a pretty penny, and you wouldn’t want to go with the wrong one as it can be an expensive mistake, both in terms of the money you would pay and the safety compromise you might make for your dog.

Make an informed choice by going for one of our best dog crates for truck beds below.

#1 Owens 55006

This dog crate has pretty much everything you would want in a dog crate.

It’s made using rugged diamond tread aluminum, which is the best material a dog crate can be made of. So you can expect an exceptional level of safety for your furry buddy.

This dog crate comes with two compartments – and both are lined and large – to make sure your dog has more than enough space to move around. This also makes it an ideal crate for large dogs, which can feel cramped and uncomfortable in smaller crates.

The slam latch doors are lockable and come with storm covers as well. This will help protect your little friend when it gets stormy outside, while the lockable doors would keep your dog safe as they wouldn’t be able to jump out at will.

Further, the ventilation and airflow are pretty good with side vents and a ventilated door. The crate also has a top compartment that offers a fair amount of storage.

This is a very complete dog box that leaves nothing to be desired. Although it does come with an expensive price tag, it’s undoubtedly not more expensive than the safety of your dog.And with the excellent latching system and insulated layer, it offers an environment that’s both safe and comfortable for your dog even when traveling in extreme temperatures.


  • Made of rust-free tread diamond aluminum and steel hardware, and comes with dual lining for safely transporting most dog breeds.
  • There are two crate compartments with corrugated liners that are well-insulated, and this helps to protect the pup’s coat from dark streaks during travel.
  • Your furry friend will enjoy maximum ventilation, thanks to the standard side vents, door vents, and compartment dividers, which also have vent holes.
  • Your pup is safe from falling out of the crate during travel, thanks to the lockable slam-latch doors and flash-mounted latches.
  • The corrugated plastic liner found at the top and bottom provides easy cleaning of the crate.


  • While large enough for many medium dog breeds, larger breeds have to crouch and cannot stand up in the crate.
  • Not ideal for dogs with anxiety, and it will take some getting used to for such pups.

We recommend this product as our top pick because it is made with built-to-last aluminum of exceptional quality, and it has two large compartments that do not restrict the dogs’ movements while in transit.

#2 Gunner Kennels G1 Intermediate Dog Crate

What if you don’t have the budget for our top pick but don’t want to compromise on the safety of your dog? Well, in that case, the Gunner Kennels G1 will fit the bill perfectly for you.

Despite being much cheaper, it offers top-notch safety. In fact, according to the manufacturer, it’s the only dog crate to get a 5-star rating in a test crash.

But we aren’t taking the manufacturer’s word for it here for obvious reasons. However, the customers reinforce what they said, and this thing doesn’t even move even when the truck hits a speed bump even at 20 mph. A cheaper crate would give your dog a real hard time in situations like that.

It’s not just its durability or how solid it is, though. It also boasts an extremely smart, thoughtful construction with excellent airflow engineering and ventilation.

It would certainly do much better than the average dog crate out there when it comes to protecting your dog against extreme weather in both summer and winter.

It’s designed to protect your dog against all types of seasonal elements while making sure your little buddy has a comfortable ride without getting hit against the walls when taking sharp turns.


  • After numerous testing, this crate has been awarded a Center For Pet Safety crash test certification for both travel crate and carrier, which allows carrying of a pup up to 30 lbs in weight, meaning that your pet is safe and protected by the crate.
  • The crate comes with double walls and ventilation vents to protect your pet from cold, humidity, and harmful UV rays, as well as elevated feet to keep the crate from dirt or heat transmission, which can make your pup uncomfortable.
  • Your doggie’s security while inside the crate is assured thanks to multiple features like the stainless-steel piano hinge and hexagonal door, the custom welding, aluminum frame reinforcement, safety latches and a paddle latch door.
  • The crate comes with strong handles and in-line rear wheels, which help you to transport your pup without straining yourself.
  • Made of stainless steel hardware that is rust-proof while the drainage system and plug along with a recessed floor help with easy cleaning and draining of the crate to keep your pup dry, clean, and secure.


  • Some pups, with anxiety issues, may take some time acclimating to being in the crate.
  • Cleaning the spaces, such as the ventilation windows and other intricate areas, can require some time and patience.

#3 Owens 55015

This dog box is very similar to our top pick, and being offered by the same manufacturer. However, the significant difference is that it’s much smaller, and it doesn’t come with the top storage like the first dog box we reviewed above.

But if you’re on a limited budget and have a smaller dog, then you would be glad about what this dog box brings to the table at this price.

It’s incredibly well-made with rugged diamond tread construction, a lot of ventilation, a lockable slam latch door (that makes operating the door effortless and smooth), and a rubber mat floor. It also comes with storm covers so you won’t have to spend extra money on them if your dog has a habit of chewing things.

This product is very similar to our top pick, but specifically designed for those on a budget, and with a smaller dog. It’s very heavy-duty and provides excellent ventilation, while also protecting your dog against different weather elements.


  • Made of 063 Diamond Tread Aluminum with a polished finish and weighs about 40 lbs and is ideal for transporting smaller pup breeds.
  • Ventilation for your pup is assured thanks to the four seasons vents on the front and center dividers with vent holes.
  • Pups have adequate space in the crate because of the dual-lined dog compartments.
  • The lockable slam latch doors, with safety latch and storm covers, are perfect for keeping your pup cool, safe, and well secured.
  • The crate has premium rattle-free spring-loaded carrying handles that help you carry the crate as needed.


  • The crate is not advisable for larger pup breeds due to the tight space.
  • There is no storage compartment for equipment on the crate, which can be an inconvenience when traveling.

#4 Dee Zee DZ91781

Now, if you have two smaller dogs and you won’t like to spend a lot of money buying two dog crates for them, then this dog box might be right up your alley.

It’s a dog box that comes equipped with dual dog crates in separate compartments. But the separator can be removed to be used as one large dog crate to house a large dog.

However, it would only make sense for people with small dogs, as the ones with a large dog can go for a better product in this price range.

These dog crates are made using durable aluminum that’s resistant to rust, and there are no sharp edges so your dog wouldn’t struggle through the ride.

On the downside, the ventilation is adequate but not perfect, there’s no insulation, and the removable entry divider isn’t the best quality.

While this dog box isn’t without flaws, there shouldn’t be a big concern for smaller dogs, as it’s suitably designed for them. You shouldn’t use it for very long rides in extreme weather though, given the lack of any insulation.


  • Strong and durable as it is made of heavy-duty 0.056-inch thick Brite-Tread aluminum diamond plate.
  • Comes with a removable entry divider that helps you transport more than one dog.
  • Your pup is safe from cuts or injuries as the crate door design has zero sharp edges.
  • The dual doors have slam latches and are well ventilated, which helps to keep the crate cool and your pups safe and breathing comfortably while in the crate.
  • The crate design ensures that pups don’t make the interior dirty with muddy or dirty paws, and it is also easy to clean.


  • The crate shakes and rattles during transport, and this is not ideal for anxious or restless pups.
  • The aluminum material used is relatively thin, and this means it can dent or be destroyed easily.

#5 UWS DB-4848N

This is again a dog box specifically designed for two dogs, but in comparison to the above product, it’s much better quality and also much more expensive.

Now, while the two compartments themselves are removable, the divider can’t be removed. The divider is much, much better quality than the above product, however, and you may certainly not encounter any durability or safety issues with this product.

Also, unlike the above model, this dog box also comes with an adequate level of insulation to retain heat and keep a comfortable environment for your little buddies in the crate.

Apart from the doors, the top is lockable as well and comes with a storage compartment.

If you’re looking for a crate to travel around with two dogs – without having to compromise on essential features like with the above product – then this product would likely turn out to be your best bet.


  • The double door crate is made of extra-thick, corrosion-resistant aluminum and steel hardware for durability and pup safety while in use.
  • Each door has stainless steel, key-operated T-handles, which provide extra security for your furry.
  • The crate has a built-in aluminum toolbox with a patented RigidCore foam-filled lid, and this offers a safe and accessible place for pup equipment while on the road.
  • The crate’s walls are fully enclosed with cleaning ports at the back of the crate, and this protects your pups from cold, hot, or wet weather, as well as other elements.
  • Made in the USA and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • The material is thinner than usual, and the insides of the crate have jagged edges, rendering it not fully safe for your pups.
  • Not all crates come with the compartment divider, which means you might not be able to transport more than one pup.

#6 Southern-Style 2-Door Dog Crate

This is another quality dog crate for two dogs made in the US. The aluminum construction is solid and secure, and the compartments for two dogs are reasonably spacious.

The ventilation is very impressive – as unlike some other similar truck beds – it is more than adequately ventilated on the sides as well.

The doors come with a folding T-handle lock for added security for your dogs, while also making it easy and smooth to open and close the doors.

The only downside is that there’s no floor with this product, and although there’s top storage, it’s not very useful for keeping large things on it.

At this price point, this product is hard to beat as a dual dog crate, especially with the great ventilation and high-quality construction.


  • It is made of diamond plate aluminum and does not have a crate floor, and this makes the crate durable and keeps your doggies secure during transport.
  • It is a spacious 2-door crate for one or two doggies and is 36 x 48 x 24 inches in size to fit most medium pup breeds.
  • The dual doors have folding T-handle locks, which help to keep your pup safe while being inside the crate.
  • Ventilation slots on the door and crate sides, and this helps to circulate fresh air while allowing your pup to comfortably breathe while in the crate.
  • The crate is made in the USA and comes with a 12-month limited parts manufacturer’s warranty.


  • The many ventilation holes, while great, may not fully protect your pups from the harsh weather or other elements while in the box.
  • The crate, being aluminum in nature, can dent and rattle during travel, and this is not safe or ideal for anxious pups.

Dog Crate For Truck Bed Buyer’s Guide

While choosing the best dog crate for a truck bed can be as easy as picking one of the above truck beds that best match your needs and budget, some of you may need more information on what to consider when deciding on a particular dog crate.

Also, most dog crates for truck beds are non-moveable in nature. This means that you have to get your canine companion up on your truck bed first. To aid with this movement, getting a dog ramp can come in very handy.

So let us walk you through some factors to consider when choosing a dog crate for a truck bed.


While it’s much safer to use a dog crate for your dog when riding them in a truck, the level of safety your furry buddy gets may differ significantly from one product to another.

If you tend to ride at higher speeds, then you would want to avoid a crate that’s very light-weight, as you run the risk of it falling off.

Similarly, the latching system is another safety factor to never compromise on. If the latching system is weak, there would always be a risk of the crate getting detached from the bed and posing a significant security threat to your pooch.

Finally, the door locking system shouldn’t be ignored either. If the door gets unlocked easily if your dog tries to unlock or damage it, then the dog may escape and land itself in a life-threatening situation.

Distracting your dog with interactive puzzle dog toys also can be another option, so that your pooch wouldn’t focus its energy on getting the latch open.

As an added precaution, you consider putting a GPS tracker on your pooch. This allows you to track your dog if it scurries away unexpectedly.


The quality of the crate is more critical than you may think, especially when it comes to a crate that will be used for your truck bed. We are talking of issues beyond the smaller ones like rusting here.

If the crate is cheaply made, it may not offer any protection to your dog in case of an accident. The sturdy ones made using high-quality aluminum, however, would turn out to be much better and safer for your dog during such situations.

All the dog crates on our list are made using high-quality aluminum – with the apparent exception of Gunner Kennels G1 – but it too has high-quality aluminum frames installed in it and is hence a sturdy, durable product. These strong material allow the frame to withstand the rough environment of the truck beds when you are on the road, giving your pooch paramount protection and you minimum worry.

Of course, you should also consider the fact that cheaper dog crates may need to be replaced much more frequently, while the more durable ones would stand the test of time for a long, long time.

If you are looking to pair your truck bed dog crate with an indestructible dog bed, we have compiled a list of recommendations for you.

Image from Best Bully Sticks


It’s surprising not many dog owners consider the insulation when choosing a crate for a truck bed. This is because you will likely be traveling through different weathers and using the crate in different seasons, including extreme climates and temperatures.

With no or poor insulation, your pooch may have an extremely hard time staying in the crate, especially during longer rides. Crates with no insulation can make it unbearably hot or cold for your dog during summer or winter, respectively.

Our top picks come with a significant level of insulation which would undoubtedly protect your dogs against these and other elements that could trouble them through the ride. However, there are some cheaper dog boxes for truck beds on our list that do not, and you should only consider getting them if you won’t be traveling for longer durations or in extreme weathers with your dog.

Appropriate Size

Most dog owners do heavily consider this factor when choosing a crate for their dog; however, they only think from just one angle. They are just concerned about whether or not their dog would comfortably fit into the crate, and if it would fit their truck bed well.

However, there’s more to it. While the crate shouldn’t be too small to make it uncomfortable for your dog, it also shouldn’t be too large for them. Also, if the weather is hot, do consider putting in a dog cooling mat inside the dog crate so that your canine buddy wouldn’t overheat.

If you put your dog in an oversized crate, they may end up getting banged hard into the walls when your truck takes sharp turns at high speeds. Further, they would be at much greater risk if a terrible case of an accident does take place, as there will hit the crate’s sides with a lot of force due to the extra space available.

This could be prevented if there’s just enough space for them to be comfortable in the crate.

The dog crates on our list come in varying sizes suitable for truck beds, so make sure you choose the one that’s right for your dog based on what we said above. Further, for most dog boxes, you will also be asked some details about your truck to ensure that the product fits your truck bed perfectly as well.


This is another important factor that usually doesn’t get the attention it deserves. If the insulation is good and the size is just right for your dog, the crate environment could still get uncomfortable for your pooch if the crate isn’t ventilated enough.

Some crates are only ventilated at the doors, but not at the sides, which isn’t good for long rides. When there’s all-around ventilation or thoughtful airflow design, it would certainly make your dog feel much more comfortable even during longer rides.

To aid with ventilation, you should also make sure that your pet pooch is groomed regularly with a pair of dog clippers.

Again, most of the dog crates for truck beds we have picked here come with a great level of ventilation, without compromising on safety.

Final Thoughts

All said and done, we must say you would be hard-pressed to find a crate that meets all the above requirements perfectly and even exceeds them, like our top pick.

It’s an all-round product with not only extraordinarily sturdy construction and insulation, but it also comes with a great locking system and has the added advantage of a top storage compartment which can really come in handy during long rides.

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