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Best Harness For Small Dogs

A harness that doesnโ€™t meet a small dogโ€™s requirement can be not only harmful to them but also dangerous. Always be sure to pick a harness of the right size for your dog. In addition, go for the one with multiple points of adjustment to provide a snug fit and the one with a handle that you can lift your pup with ease when it is necessary.

Best Choke & Prong Dog Collars

A prong collar is often referred to as a pinch collar, made from metal and designed especially with adjustable links and inner prongs to fit dogs of different breeds and sizes. On the other hand, a choke collar works in a similar fashion and tightens when pulled, except without the inner prongs. According to the latest research evidence, many dog owners prefer to avoid these collars because theyโ€™re perceived as dangerous or cruel to dogs, even though theyโ€™ve been in use for decades, especially by experienced dog trainers.

Best Chicken-Free Dog Food

One primary consideration when it comes to picking the right product is to figure out what ingredients are in the food. Next, youโ€™ll also want to consider your dogโ€™s age and health condition to avoid any mishaps with potential food allergies. Once youโ€™ve narrowed it down to a few options, seek your vet for their opinion. Theyโ€™ll be able to tell you which food is best for your pup.