Best Dog Bath & Grooming Tubs

The best dog grooming tub is Flying Pig Grooming 50″ Professional Dog Grooming Bathtub.

Grooming your dog is a lot easier with the right tools. The best grooming tub, for instance, should be deep enough to make it easy to shampoo and rinse without having water slosh around all over the place. It’s also helpful if there are extra features like a built-in drain or soap holder, so you don’t have to worry about getting wet while washing your pup!

Here’s where being able to give your dog a professional bathing experience yourself and in the comfort of your home can turn out to be incredibly useful.

The best dog grooming tubs are not only easy to clean, but also provide the optimal experience for your pet. They can be filled with water and shampoo, or even a bath bomb if you want to make it more fun! There is no better way to give your canine companion the love they deserve.

#1 Flying Pig Grooming 50″ Professional Dog Grooming Bathtub

When we put “professional” in the title above, we really mean it. It might seem on the expensive side, but the Flying Pig Grooming Professional Dog Grooming Tub is actually an amazing value for money for both professionals and individual dog owners.

First things first, you can expect not to have to replace this beast for a long time to come, thanks to 16-gauge rust-proof steel construction.

It’s also just as versatile, coming with a removable overhead arm with loops that allows you to modify the bathing environment depending on your dog and your preferences. The back and side splashes with waterproof seals are removable as well, which further adds to the overall versatility.

Unlike some other cheaper products, there are no leakage issues whatsoever, as the high-quality construction ensures great sealing.

It’s also a complete package with a sprayer, a faucet with a hose for both cold and hot water, a hair trap, a shampoo rack, a walk-in ramp, floor grates, and a plumbing drain hose.

The floor grates can be adjusted the way you like, allowing you to create a perfect bathing and grooming environment for both small and large dogs.

A professional breeder did mention in their review how it turned out to be a perfect choice for bathing different dogs every week, while also being easy to clean.

If you’re a professional, you would be hard-pressed to get the kind of versatility and durability this bathing tub offers, unless you’re willing to spend much more, perhaps. It’s amazingly versatile while being extremely durable, and allows you to create a highly customized bathing or grooming environment for their dogs.


  • Available in a 50-inch left drain or right drain option, and this means it can cater to small or large pup breeds, and you can choose which drain option works for your needs.
  • This bathtub is made of rust-resistant 304 stainless steel, a type of material known for its enhanced durability, easy maintenance, great watertight properties, and high strength to handle hyperactive dogs during a bath.
  • The bathtub comes with functional extras like a drain kit with a hair trap and flexible hose, other hoses, a sprayer with a hose attached, an overhead arm, and a stainless steel shampoo rack, and this makes this bathtub good value for money.
  • At the bottom of the tub is a two-piece, removable floor grate, and this can be adequately adjusted lower or higher for both large and small furry friends to enjoy a comfortable bath. 
  • Comes with a door that is easy to open and secure to not only keep your pup in and,  thanks to watertight seals, can keep the water contained while the tub is in use, and there are also back and side splashes, which can be easily attached or removed as needed.


  • For some customers, the welding is not properly done, and this means that water can start leaking after some use.
  • Use of hot water in this tub can cause the stainless steel to corrode and age.

This is our top pick because of its durable stainless steel structure and watertight design capable of handling most grooming needs, and of its removable overhead arm with adjustable loops to better secure the pet during grooming.

#2 VEVOR 50″ Dog Grooming Tub

This is another professional-grade dog grooming tub from VEVOR that would work great for professional breeders, but it’s a much cheaper and budget option. The only difference is the size. At 50″, it should fit nearly all dog breeds, including larger-sized dog breeds.

Fetching a high price but slightly cheaper than our #1 pick, there’s absolutely no compromise on the quality or durability of this grooming tub, as this bathing tub is made of 16-gauge rust-resistant 304 stainless steel. It’s sturdy enough to hold dogs weighing up to 220 lbs, meaning that it would be able to handle most dogs out there.

The versatility and functionality are pretty similar to the dog bathtub above, with the back and side splashes being removable and the floor grates highly adjustable.

It’s very spacious, and even the largest of dogs would find it comfortable. The stairs are well-made and complement the overall functional design with no leakage issues.

Finally, unlike some of the other products in this price range, this dog grooming bathtub comes with legs that are thick and sturdy with quality rubber footpads.

The VEVOR grooming tub is truly a professional-grade dog washing station with lots of useful features, accessories and a great level of versatility. Having a large structural size similar to that of our #1 pick, this means that this grooming tub may very well suit large-sized dog breeds.


  • This is a 50-inch grooming tub that is 49 x 28 x 27 inches in size, has a left and right door option, while all of these dimensions cater to both large and small pups of up to 220 lbs.
  • It is made of 304 stainless steel structures, and this makes it look elegant and shiny while at the same time making the tub durable, easy to maintain and rust-proof, which means the tub will serve you and your pups for a long time.
  • It comes with an easy-to-open sliding door, a foldable ramp, which is easy to move and store away and also has a non-skid ramp and rubber feet, which not only help your pup enter or exit the tub but also keep the tub stable while in use.
  • The tub comes with a rust-proof faucet that also has a hose and brass core, which can handle both cold and hot water, and the sprayer can also be adjusted for preferable water volume. 
  • The tub comes with various accessories like an S-shaped drain, which also reduces foul smell, a drain strainer that helps to filter fur and dirt, dog leashes, and balls for your pup to enjoy their bathing experience whether at home, a vet, or pet beauty salons.


  • Some customers experienced a broken faucet or rusting inside the faucet after using it for some time.
  • Some pup owners may need a plumber to help set up the tub, as it can be hard to put together.

#3 SNUGENS 50″ Professional Grooming Bathtub Station

This SNUGENS 50″ Professional Grooming Bathtub Station is very much similar to the one above, but it’s slightly cheaper, with the quality of some of the parts not being as good. Some users had issues with the faucet and sprayer head, specifically their quality, because some of the parts degraded and broke, causing leakage.

That said, these issues aren’t anything major unless you go too rough with your use, and it would hold up just fine, especially for household use.

However, apart from the faucet and the sprayer head, the rest of the accessories and the overall construction are pretty solid and well worth the money. You get almost all the features of the above product with just as many accessories and a similar level of versatility.

If the minor issues mentioned above aren’t a deal-breaker for you, then you will be pleased with what this dog grooming tub from SNUGENS offers as an overall package, both in terms of quality and versatility.


  • This bathtub station is available in one size, 7 x 50 x 58 inches with a depth of up to 19 inches that can hold up to 3.5 inches of water, and this will give your pups a nice space to bath in as well as a removable floor grate to cater to both large and small pups of up to 260 lbs.
  • This 50-inch tub is made of solid stainless steel, a material that is easy to maintain, durable, offers great sealing performance, and is rust-proof, giving you the added durability for getting your money’s worth.
  • The bathtub station comes with many extras like a walk-in ramp, a cold and hot hose with a faucet, an adjustable 3-settings sprayer with a hose, a drain kit inclusive of a hair trap, an overhead grooming arm and a steel shampoo rack and all these work together for a memorable bath experience for your furry friends.
  • It has an S-shaped drainage pipe on the bottom side of the tub, and this helps the pipe to isolate bad odor from the water that passes through the pipe.
  • Comes with a 1-year customer care warranty and 100% free exchange if the bath station has any defects.


  • Many pup owners needed to replace the hose, faucet, and drain in a short time after purchase because of breaking or rusting.
  • Some users felt that the bath station was hard to assemble and needed a plumber at an extra cost to set it up.

#4 PawBest Dog Grooming Bathtub

The PawBest Dog Grooming Bathtub is another great value-for-money product with a solid construction, being made of 16-gauge rust-resistant stainless steel.

It’s a fully welded one-piece dog grooming tub, meaning that there would no leakage issues. Even the sliding door is equipped with watertight seals to avoid any leakage through the door, which is common with cheaper products.

It’s designed extremely well with a great height, and customers have been mentioning in their reviews how it has turned out to be a huge relief for their back. It’s also one of the largest dog bathtubs you will find on the market, making it a great fit for both professionals and people with large dogs, thanks to the combination of a generous size and great durability.

The plastic ramp is another great feature, and it slides back in when the dog enters or leaves. You also get a sturdy overhead grooming arm with two loops, a drain, an anti-slip mat, a hair trap, and four adjustable levelers.

Its size is certainly one of the most impressive things about it. In addition, its great quality, fully welded one-piece construction, watertight seals, perfect height, and other features are all that have attributed this PawBest bathtub an amazing buy.


  • This bathtub is available in 50 inches and 65 inches, depending on your needs, and is made of 304 stainless steel known for its ease of maintenance, corrosion resistance and enhanced durability.
  • The tub basin comes fully welded as one piece, and this ensures that the tub does not leak and the base frame is stable enough to hold your pups.
  • There is a sliding door with watertight seals to prevent leaks and hold all the water in, and a ramp, which you can move and store underneath the tub and that allows your pups to safely step in and out of the bathtub during a bath.
  • The tub is easy to use and it comes with a 6-inch faucet and sprayer, which you can adjust the water volume, and the tub design is also compatible with 4-inch and 8-inch wall-mount faucets.
  • The tub comes with a slip mat, hair trap, drain, two loops, and four adjustable levers, which ensure that you can easily clean your pup without any hassle.


  • For some business owners, they felt that the steel sheets used to assemble the tub are flimsy and can easily bend, which means it is susceptible to breaking or leakages.
  • The tub can sometimes leak after some time of use so you may need to spend extra on a plumber or extra replacement parts.

#5 Flying Pig 38″ Dog Grooming Bathtub

If you want to stick to an extremely reliable brand in the pets category like Flying Pig Grooming – but have a lower budget – then this 38″ dog bathtub is one that you would want to consider.

Coming from a great brand, the quality and overall construction of the bathtub are as good as it is advertised, built out of rust-proof, 16-gauge 304 stainless steel for enhanced durability.

In fact, you get pretty much the same product as our top pick above, but in a much smaller size.

Yes, you have a great level of versatility as the drain works with a variety of plumbing configurations, height-adjustable leg levelers, removable backsplash and side splashes, and many other features.

This dog bathtub is as functional and high-quality as it can probably get at this price. If the small size is not an issue for you, then you’re certainly getting a great deal here, given the much cheaper price compared to the larger version.


  • This bathtub is ideal for most pup types of up to 190 lbs, as it is 38 x 26 x 38 inches in size and weighs 80 lbs and you can use it at home, at a pet salon or at a vet.
  • The tub is made with rust-proof 304 stainless steel, which makes it durable, sturdy, easy to clean and hygienic, ensuring that your pup has a safe bath each time.
  • The bath station comes with tub legs at an appropriate height, and this ensures the groomer does not suffer from back pain while at work.
  • The tub comes with a green textured floor mat, which reduces the chances of your pup slipping while bathing and suffering any injuries.
  • The tub is made available with parts, namely, a sprayer, a faucet with a cold-hot water hose, and a handy rack where you can place shampoo and other grooming products.


  • The bath station is not pre-assembled, which means you must spend time setting it up or call a plumber to assist you.
  • Due to self-assembly, some pup owners noticed that the tub and sprayer leaked during use, and this is dangerous for your doggies and the groomer.

#6 Furesh Pet Dog Bathtub And Washing Station

Bathing small, medium-sized dogs and cats is easier with the Furesh Pet bathtub and washing station. This bathtub features elevated legs that make it easy for pet parents to stand while bathing and grooming their pets, and its patented folding mechanism makes it easy to pack up and move this tub when needed.

This bathtub is constructed from durable and rugged marine-grade PVC, and the lightweight stainless aluminum material used in building the tub frame can hold weights of up to 110 lbs.

The length of this bathtub is 33″ and this, coupled with its respective width and depth of 17.8″ and 11.5″, provides adequate space for cats and dogs to feel comfortable while being bathed. The package also includes a three-point leash restraint with an adjustable collar to prevent excessive movement while bathing the pet.

The addition of two pockets at the side of this bathtub makes it easier to store and access grooming essentials. And to facilitate easy disposal of wastewater, the Furesh Pet bathtub features a drainage point at its bottom or with the help of a stretchable hose to divert the wastewater elsewhere.

Pet owners looking for the ideal wash station for their small and medium-sized furry friends can hardly go wrong with this bathtub. The addition of leg elevations and side pockets means pet owners can be more comfortable when grooming their pets, and the ability to fold after use makes storage of this bathtub easy.


  • The uniquely designed washing station measures 33 x 17.8 x 11.5 inches, and this is perfect for medium and small pups as well as other smaller pets of up to 40 lbs and comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The basin is made of marine grade PVC, which makes it easy to maintain and resistant to scratches from your puppy’s claws, while the frame is made of lightweight yet strong aluminum tubing.
  • The bath station is of an appropriate height of up to 35 inches, and this makes it easy for you or a groomer to clean your pup without any back pains.
  • The tub comes with two side pockets, which you can use to store shampoo, brushes, and other accessories that you can easily reach out for during a bath.
  • The tub is easy to clean and store and all you have to do is wipe it dry and then easily fold it up for storage, while the tub’s legs are removable for proper storage or travel.


  • The elevated design of the bathtub means that it takes longer for the water to drain out after use.
  • The light and elevated design of the tub can make some pups anxious and scared, as it can sometimes shake or move during use.

Dog Grooming Tub Buyer’s Guide

Well, you probably already know how a dog grooming tub might help you take care of your dog’s grooming and bathing tasks much better than you can without one. However, let us still give you a quick overview of what exactly it might bring to the table for you.

Now, first things first, if you’re a professional groomer or breeder, one of our best dog grooming tubs above is a no-brainer for your dog grooming business. They are a must for offering a great grooming or bathing service to dog owners, and the good ones can really help you deliver great results with fewer efforts.

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Easier To Bathe Your Dog

Coming to individual dog owners, a dog grooming tub can make it so much easier to bathe and groom your dog. You really wouldn’t mind bathing your dog more often if need be, which you would otherwise be reluctant to do, as then the task can be so daunting and time-consuming.

Keeps Your Pooch Safe During Bathing

Further, it’s a much safer way of bathing your dog. The good products – like the ones we reviewed above – are made keeping the safety of your dog in mind, which would help prevent the risks associated with bathing them in a traditional bathroom setting.

Each of the dog bathtubs reviewed above comes with one or more loops, which hold your dog in place securely as you bathe them well, so they are never at risk of getting hurt. Better products like some of our top picks also come with adjustable floor grates, meaning that you can adjust the height of the floor of the dog bathtub according to the size and height of your dog, and your own height too.

Be sure to use a specially formulated dog shampoo too! Stay aware of human shampoos as they are not suitable for your dog’s skin.

Helps To Minimize Back Sprains

This makes the bathing environment much more comfortable for your dog while making it more convenient for you. Similarly, the adjustable floor grates, or a grooming tub that’s designed well and comes with a good height, would help you bathe your dog without having to bend down every now and then. Your back would really thank you when you start bathing and grooming your dog in a dog grooming tub.

There are also other benefits, but as you can tell, a good grooming dog bathtub would make bathing your dog much more convenient, easy, fun, and safer in general.

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Why Are Dog Grooming Tubs Expensive?

Now, you do understand the benefits of a good dog bathtub for dog grooming, but do they really need to be that expensive? In fact, you might have done some research yourself and found that there are many products that are way cheaper than the ones we reviewed above.

However, you will also notice that these cheaper products differ greatly from the ones we reviewed above. As far as professionals are concerned, the cheaper products are not even an option for them, as they will not work for larger or heavier dogs, won’t be heavy-duty, require much more effort, and have other issues that make them just a bad option all-round for offering a professional service.

Now, for individual use, the cheaper ones are also an option. However, most of the issues we mentioned above remain for them as well.

Made From More Durable Materials

They are usually made of plastic or some other material that’s much less durable. The difference in the convenience you’re offered, too, would be huge, meaning the cheaper products would mean that you have to put in much more time and effort.

Ergonomic Design

More importantly, safety can be a bit of an issue as well, especially for larger or heavier dogs that do weigh a bit on the higher side.

Easier To Clean & Maintain

Some other issues include that they may also be much harder to clean, not as well-designed, and most of them are also not sized generously enough to allow large dogs to sit or stand comfortably.

Throw in the fact that these dog bathtubs may not last you anywhere near as long as one of the above products would, and you would quickly realize how our picks might turn out to be a more economical and a much better option overall in the long run.

Image from Bissell

How To Make Your Dog Like The Dog Bathtub?

While all the dog bathtubs we have reviewed in this post are great for their price, the most common and challenging issue you may face with all of them is that your dog may be a bit reluctant to adapt to them.

The dog bathtub might look intimidating to them, or they may just not feel comfortable bathing in it. This can make it a bit inconvenient and difficult for you to bathe your dog in the dog bathtub.

A good way around this is to not force your dog in but to introduce it in a good way. What you can do is put some treats in the dog bathtub and let your dog go in to have them. Follow up with tons of positive reinforcement – by patting and praising them for doing so.

Then once they are familiar with the dog grooming tub and see it as a positive place, you can go for the first bathing and grooming session. At the same time, start working on associating the dog bathtub as a place for bathing and grooming your dog.

Finally, giving treats and praising them after the bath session, too, would help in reinforcing their belief of the dog bathtub being a “positive” place, and they may as well start enjoying the bathing experience in it.

Image from Petmate

Some Additional Factors To Consider

There are some factors to consider when going for a dog grooming tub, no matter your budget or the type of dog bathtub for dog grooming you’re looking to purchase.


Never compromise on the size, especially if your dog is large or heavy.


The ones made using stainless steel are the best options, both in terms of durability and safety.


Consider the kind of accessories offered, the flexibility or versatility, how adjustable it is, the loops, and so on.

Ease Of Cleaning

Avoiding anything that’s plastic here would help you avoid everything that would give you a hard time when cleaning it.

There are other factors and features worth considering as well, which have been covered when reviewing the dog grooming tubs above.

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Final Thoughts

As someone with a fair bit of expertise about anything that has to do with pets, and dogs, in particular, we can safely say that our top pick is, hands down, your best bet.

It’s large, spacious, comfortable, convenient, versatile, and the list goes on. Yes, it’s a significant one-time investment, but if you see yourself bathing your dog (or another one after them) for years and years to come, then it’s an absolute no-brainer.

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