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Best Electronic Dog Doors

The best electronic dog door is PetSafe Electronic Smart Pet Door.

Are unsightly scratches decorating your doors?

Do you always plan your schedule around your furry friend’s nature calls?

If this is your story, then it is time to invest in the best electronic dog door to give your dog its independence and yourself some guilt-free peace of mind.

After all, you do love your pet and don’t want it to wait for you every time nature calls!

  • Save effort to let your dog in & out
  • Never clean up another “potty” mishap
  • Trains your pet to stop barking & whining at the door

Here are 7 of the best electronic dog doors that have been reviewed for quality and functionality by actual dog owners.

Budget Conscious Pick

PetSafe Extreme Weather Energy Efficient Pet Door

Our Top Pick

PetSafe Electronic Smart Pet Door

Readers Pick

High Tech PetPower Pet Electronic Pet Door

01 PetSafe Electronic Smart Pet Door

Petite in size but mighty in functionality, this is by far the most favorite of all pet owners in the electronic dog door section. Packed full with tons of smart features, this electronic door gives the owners the control they need to keep their pet safe and yet free.

The PetSafe electronic pet door works on the radio frequency identification system. Simply attach the smart key on your dog's collar and the automated flap will open when your pet is nearby. Without the smart key, the dog door will never unlock. This prevents stray animals such as racoons from entering your house.

It is reasonably priced and is available in two sizes.

There are three modes of operation: locked, unlocked and automatic.

Since it is the flap type model, it is relatively easy to alternate between the modes. The only issue that we found is that the dog door tends to open every time your dog is near it and not just when it wants to go out. Therefore, the safest method is to rely on the locked mode for the most time.

  • If you have multiple pets, there can be no better alternative than the PetSmart for all their outdoor needs. One reason for its popularity is its simplicity and smart flap system which can be controlled by the pet owner. The price, ease of installation and smart features make the PetSafe Electronic Smart Door our top pick.

02 PetSafe Extreme Weather Energy Efficient Pet Door

When you need a pet door for all seasons, the PetSafe Extreme Weather model comes to mind because it has been designed exclusively for that reason. To ensure maximum energy efficiency, the door comes with a unique 3 flap system.

Manufactured from a combination of plastic and nylon, this pet door has a thick frame of 3 and ½ inches.

The frame is made of highly durable plastic that can be painted to match your existing dog door color. It is available in small, medium and large sizes. There is a snap on the panel should you wish to restrict your pet's movement.

  • Every time your pet enters and leaves, it effects the room temperature. Especially during the winters, this can result in the lost of heat in your house.

    But with the revolutionary 3-flap system, this keeps the temperature within the house constant. As a result? You save 3½ times more energy and that makes this model the most economical in the list. The durable plastic material and the ease to install are additional bonuses.

03 High Tech PetPower Pet Electronic Pet Door

This model is meant for wall installation and comes with the much-acclaimed direction sensing system. With such a sensing system, it ensures that the pet door will swing open only when your pet is ready to go out. Otherwise it will stay locked even if it stands near the dog door, unlike other electronic dog doors which open every time your pooch passes by.

You have greater control on the access in this system as you can operate any of the 4 different modes of full access. These are "In Only, Out Only, In & Out, Closed & Locked".

This is not the usual flap system but a motor driven sliding pet door that opens and closes automatically. For additional security, you have the option of dead bolting the dog door too.

  • Well constructed with high-quality sensing technology, this model is the most expensive option among them all. For pet owners with a budget constrain, we wouldn't recommend this option. But if money is not an issue, the High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door ranks highest for both safety and utility.

04 SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

When you are looking for more security over everything else, the Sureflap is our choice. In this model, you have to insert a microchip into your pet and that will coordinate with the dog door system to give it entry and exit.

The system can store up to 32 pets, which is the greatest number of pets that any electronic dog door can accommodate in the market currently.

If microchipping your dog is not an option, you can opt to use a collar with RFID instead.

With a programmable feature, you can program the pet door to allow your dog entry only during certain times of the day.

  • A modern design compatible with both the chip system and the RFID tag, the SureFlap pet door is ideal for those with multiple pets.

05 Solo Pet Door Automatic Electronic Dog Door

The Solo Electronic Dog Door relies on slow gravity mechanism for greater control on the opening and closing of the pet door. It comes in 10 different sizes, which should comfortably fit any breed of dogs.

The set includes a dog sensor that is both waterproof and magnetic in nature. You can program the dog door by adjusting the distance at which the dog must be present for the pet door to open. This will ensure that the door doesn't open every time your dog passes by.

It makes use of a motor system to lift the dog door up and down (instead of the more common flap system).

  • The Solo Electronic Pet Door is gentle and smooth in movement. This results in a safe entry/exit for your pet because it will never close with pressure on them. Apart from that, you can program the opening and closing time of the dog door too.

06 Plexidor Large Wall Mount PDE Electronic Pet Door in White

If you want a premium product look no further. The Plexidor electronic dog door is exactly what you are looking for. Using the RFID technology, this electronic dog door opens up only for those animals that have a matching RFID tag.

The sensors are waterproof to prevent any accidental damage. The set comes with a 5-year warranty which is a testament to the quality.

Suitable for all sizes even really large canines, the system is safe even when you have babies around. It has a safety mechanism that prevents it from closing when there's obstruction.

  • If you can overlook the price tag, then the model is really a good choice. It is wired directly into your electrical system which makes it more durable than the conventional battery-operated dog doors.

07 High Tech Pet Fully Automatic-E Sliding Glass Dog Door

Using the latest and most promising directional sensing system, this automatic sliding pet door can become an important part of your pet's life. The aluminum framed pet door has the right thickness and the required track to fit into any existing door track without significant alternation works.

It is motor driven and can be activated by the ultrasonic chip in the pet's collar. You can program how the dog door opens and closes. As an added precaution, you can add in an additional latch for safety.

The directional sensing system ensures that the pet door opens only when the dog is facing it and not every time it passes by.

  • You can convert your sliding door into your pet dog door without affecting the overall aesthetics. The model has the required thickness to fit into any sliding door track without any major works.

Buyers Guide

Electronic Dog Doors Buyer's Guide

An electronic dog door will ensure that your pooch has the ability to get in and out of your house while you remain undisturbed.

A normal flap dog door will mean that you have to deal with unwelcome guests like raccoons and others besides your own pet. But with an electronic dog door, you have the power to decide who steps into your home and when.

How Do Electronic Dog Doors Work?

The electronic dog door systems work via sensors.

The pet door system senses the related signal emitted by a sensor embedded in your pet's collar or from a microchip inserted in the skin and opens the dog door automatically. Some models come with a remote control device that the owner can use to open the pet door. As a result of this feature, rest assured that your electronic dog door will not open for any animal it does not recognize.

This keeps the pesky stray animals from entering your home.

Types Of Sensors

Electronic dog doors use microchips that can be inserted by a vet under the pet's skin. This is convenient as the chip won't get lost and will never need battery replacements. Sometimes, magnetic sensors are fitted in the dog's collar but they are not the most efficient. Ultrasonic waves to are used in some models.

But the most popular technology is the RFID or the radio frequency identification device. It is safe, secure and only identifies pets whose information is registered in the system. As an owner, you have exact control of who can enter and leave your home.

Types Of Mounting

There are different types of mounting that will suit different types of dog doors. The common mounting styles are:

  • Wall mounting
  • Door mounting
  • Patio door mounting
  • Window mounting.

Advantages Of An Electronic Dog Door

  • Makes your dog independent: Gives your dog the freedom to go out and snoop when it is getting bored indoors. Your pooch will be able to relieve itself instead of waiting for you to take it out.
  • Frees up your time: It is not practical to leave work midway each time to take your dog out. But with an electronic dog door, you can be sure that the pet finds a way out and you can continue with your work.
  • Saves money: Dogs are prone to scratching the dog doors when they need to get outside. Repainting is a costly affair and leaving unsightly scratch marks on your pet doors lowers the aesthetic value of your home. When the electronic dog door opens for the dog on its own, it will stop scratching and this will save your doors.

What To Look Out For?

Check out the following pointers before you make a purchase.

  • Size: There is no standard size. Each dog is unique and has its own measurements. Hence, measure your dog before deciding on the pet door panel size. You must ensure that your dog is able to move in and out easily. If you are getting for a puppy, you must factor in additional allowances for growth too.
  • Access control: This feature will help you determine how the dog  door opens and how your dog uses the pet door. For example, you can prevent entry from outside when the dog is inside the house.
  • Ease of installation: If the installation is a simple process, it is more advantageous than spending an extra buck on a handyman to do the job. Check on the difficulty in installing the electronic smart pet door.
  • Directional sensing system: Without a well-refined directional sensing system, it will unlock every time the dog is near it. It's highly recommended to get an electronic dog door with an accurate sensing system. This will prevent the pet door from accidentally opening when your dog walks past.
  • Material: Look for a long-lasting material such as steel which has an additional aesthetic value also.
  • Energy efficiency: Every time the pet door opens and closes, you lose a little of your thermal energy. Add them all up over the months and your heating bills will increase significantly. Your dog door must be energy efficient. It must have the proper sealings to ensure minimal heat loss.

You Need To Measure Your Pet

For the height of your pet, you must measure the distance from the ground to the shoulders. For the width, measure the distance between the shoulders as it is the widest part of a canine. Another important measure is the rising height which is the distance between the foundation and the dog's lower chest. Make sure that there is minimum 2 inches allowance for future growth in height and width.


All pet owners will agree that the electronic dog doors have made life easier for them and their pets. Based on price, functionality, ease of installation, energy efficiency and most importantly feedbacks of satisfied pet owners, we think that the PetSafe Electronic Dog Door is the best out there in the market. Though small in size, it delivers massively on value.

We have you have been able to make the right decision for your home and pet. The time is ripe to pass the baton to other pet owners and friends – share this article with your friends if you found that this was helpful!

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