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Best Dog Pools

The best dog pool is KOPEKS Outdoor Swimming Pool Bathing Tub.

When the weather is good, dogs enjoy swimming just like your kids do. Unfortunately, there aren’t many public pools for dogs. Loading up your dog and driving to the nearest beach or lake can also be a hassle for most people.

The solution is to get your dog its own swimming pool at home.

There are many types of cool pools designed for dogs. In this buying guide, we will look at different types of dog pools available today and the key factors to consider when shopping for the best pool for your dog.

Budget Conscious Pick

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool

Our Top Pick

KOPEKS Outdoor Swimming Pool

Readers Pick

ALL FOR PAWS Outdoor Bathing Dog Pool

01 KOPEKS Outdoor Swimming Pool Bathing Tub

Our top pick on the best dog pools is the Outdoor Swimming Pool Bath Tub by KOPEKS. It is made from strong heavy duty PVC material and it can be folded for convenient carrying and storage. It has an easy-to-use drainage system with a cap on the pool’s side.

The pool is easy to set up. Just unfold the tub and set it on a smooth flat surface making sure that there are no stones or sticks that can pick through. Your dog will enjoy long hours in the tub as it can hold water and stay still for long. It comes in varying sizes, making it easy to choose the right size for your dog or dogs. It is an easy-to-clean dog pool too. It is made to withstand damage from heat and the sun.

  • With the Outdoor Swimming Pool Bathing Tub, you don’t have to worry about taking your dog to the nearest beach or lake for a swim. The dog pool comes in varying sizes to suit different dog breeds and sizes. It can be carried along when traveling or on vacation because it folds easily and is quite portable. It is made of safe, anti-slippery material.

02 Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool

Our budget pick is the Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool. This is an outdoor pool tub that is made of a strong and durable PVC material. The base of the pool is strong enough to avoid puncturing. The uniquely designed pool has two draining plugs on the side and bottom and can also be set on any flat surface within your compound.

It has an anti-slide design and doesn’t slither on the ground once installed. This anti-slide feature helps to prevent accidents while your dog is splashing and having fun in the pool. It comes in five sizes which gives the dog owner a variety of options to choose from.

Jasonwell is an affordable and durable pool that gives value for money. It is easy to clean and just like the name suggests it can be folded down for easy storage and transportation.

  • Apart from the fact that this pool is affordable, it’s strong enough to last for a long time. It can come in handy when going on a vacation. Filling and draining this pool is quite easy too.

03 ALL FOR PAWS Outdoor Bathing Dog Pool

The ALL FOR PAWS Outdoor Bathing Dog Pool is an outdoor tub for dogs. It is made of an eco-friendly but tough PVC material. It can be folded and stored easily when not in use. The base is insulated with an anti-slippery material to ensure that no slipping accidents occur.

  • This is a suitable pool for dogs of all sizes. It has anti-slip features and a strong base that can withstand puncturing. It’s a great option for dogs of all sizes.

04 Alcott Inflatable Pool for Dogs

Alcott Inflatable Pool for Dogs is an exceptional swimming pool tub with unique features that allow the dog to jump in and out without assistance. It’s wide enough to fit any breed of a dog and is made of tough PVC.

  • This is a great pool for big dogs as it comes in a big size. In case you have small dogs, you only need fill it halfway. It is made of strong and durable materials too.

05 FurryFriends Foldable Dog Pool

FurryFriends Foldable Dog Pool is an outdoor pool tub for dogs of all sizes. It is made of sturdy PVC material making it strong and long-lasting. Its features include a multi-layer bottom that cannot be easily punctured by objects.

  • This is a multi-purpose pool. It can be used as a refreshing pool and as a bathtub for washing your dog. As an added advantage, the pool can hold two or three dogs at once.

06 Petsfit Leakproof Fabirc Portable Dog Pool

Petsfit Leakproof Fabirc Portable Dog Pool is one of the strongest dog pools in the market today. It is made of strong and durable PVC material. The pool doesn’t have an outlet for draining off water but you can easily push the panel inwards to get rid of the water.

  • Petsfit Leakproof Fabirc Portable Dog Pool is a strong pool that doesn’t leak. It is also suitable for dogs of all sizes and is made of strong durable PVC material.

Buyers Guide

Dog Pool Buyer’s Guide

So what exactly is a dog pool? As the name suggests, this is a swimming pool specifically designed and made for use by your dog. A dog pool provides a cool and refreshing space for your dog to chill out on a hot day. You may ask why not just use a kiddie pool instead of buying another pool dedicated to your dog. First of all, a kiddie pool is not designed to hold the weight of a large Labrador and may not last long when used by your dog.

Secondly, there are hygiene considerations when you allow dogs and kids to share a pool. The pool will definitely be left with drool, dog hair, and a fair amount of bacteria that you wouldn’t want near your kids. Your best option is therefore to get a different swimming pool for your dog.

Types of Dog Pools

Dog pools come in different shapes, construction materials, capacity, and sizes.

There are three types of dog pool styles and designs:

Inflatable Dog Pool

This is the most portable and lightweight type of dog pool. It’s a perfect option for families who travel a lot. Inflatable pools fold up easily into a compact package and weigh almost nothing when deflated. If you choose this type of pool, get one made of hard plastic that cannot puncture easily.

Folding Dog Pool

This is another easily portable type of dog pool. It is also quite easy to store after use as it can be folded down into a smaller package. Unlike inflatable pools which are made of thin plastic materials, the folding pool walls are made of strong semi-rigid panels. The pool folds inwards after it has been emptied and doesn’t require inflation. It is more durable than an inflatable pool because its rigid panels are not vulnerable to dog claws.

Rigid Dog Pools

This type of dog pool is similar to the traditional kiddie pool used by children. It is made of strong plastic materials that can withstand clawing and other damages caused by dogs. These pools are extra durable and the best option for large rough dogs. They come with drains and other useful extra features. However, expect to pay more for a rigid pool than you would pay for a folding or inflatable dog pool.

What Are the Benefits of Dog Pools?

Here are some of the key benefits of dog pools:

Your Dog Will Enjoy A Cool Swim

Pool time is a safe and enjoyable activity for your dog. It helps to cool down your dog on a hot day and make it feel happy and healthy all day. Swimming also provides mental stimulation to a bored dog. Get a dog pool to keep your dog’s brain busy and active on hot days.

Gives Your Dog Relief From Hot Summer Temperatures

Dogs also suffer from soaring summertime temperatures just like your children do. A quick dip in the pool will keep the dog cooler for some time.

Swimming Is Good Exercise For Your Dog

Small and medium-sized dogs have a perfect opportunity to exercise when they jump into a cool pool on a hot day. Swimming is a high-intensity low-impact activity that keeps your dog fit and healthy.

You Can Even Bathe Your Dog In The Pool

If your dog has an aversion to being bathed in a bathtub or shower, as many dogs are prone to, you can use the dog pool instead. The pool makes it easier to wash the dog without wetting your carpet and leaving the wet-dog smell inside your house.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Dog Pool

Getting a good pool for your dog may seem like a simple task but there are a few important things you should be aware of to ensure that you make an informed purchasing decision. Avoid going for a low-quality pool as it may not last long or even end up costing you more in the long run.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when shopping for the perfect pool for your dog:


Capacity refers to the amount of water that the pool can comfortably hold. Check the pool’s capacity closely as some models tend to look big in pictures but have a small capacity in reality. Get a pool with enough capacity, especially if you have a larger dog.


The biggest mistake you can make is to order a dog pool online only to find out that it’s too small for your Great Dane when it finally arrives. If you have a big dog, take the time to check the pool’s dimensions to ensure that your dog can comfortably dip and splash around in the pool.

Construction Materials

You definitely want a dog pool made of strong and durable materials. If you own a large dog, make sure the pool can withstand heavy usage and any damage that your dog throws its way. The best materials for dog pools include Polyurethane – which is a durable polymer also called truck bed-liner material, heavy duty PVC which is tough and flexible, and properly coated metal which is rust resistant and weatherproof.

Ease Of Use

How easy will it be for your dog to enter, get out, and generally use the pool? A large dog can easily hop in and out of the pool but if you have a large pool for a smaller dog, then you may have to install a ramp or steps for the dog to get in and out of the pool. Find a pool with a height suitable for your dog.

Aesthetic Value

Some dog owners may not care much about aesthetics but if you value the look and style of things that you purchase, then look for a cute pool for your dog. The pools come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors to match your taste and personal preferences. Just remember to ensure that all the other qualities mentioned above have been met before you look at the pool’s aesthetics. It makes no sense to buy a beautiful pool that won’t last more than a couple of days. Make sure the pool is made of tough materials that will not only last long but will withstand damage from the dog too.


A dog pool is one of the best gifts you can buy for your faithful four-legged friend. The pool provides a refreshing space to cool off and exercise on a hot day. However, finding the right pool for your dog can be a difficult task given the huge number of dog pool models and brands available on the market today.

In order to make an informed buying decision, check the pool’s capacity, dimensions, construction materials, and how easily your dog can enter and leave the pool.

Based on the factors mentioned above, our top pick dog pool product is the KOPEKS Outdoor Swimming Pool Bathing Tub.

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