Best Dog Urns

The best dog urn is Best Friend Services Ottillie Paws Series Pet Urn.

The death of a beloved pet is one of the saddest events in one’s life. It’s comparable to losing a close friend or a dear family member. After all, your pet greeted you at the door every day from work and showed you nothing but love and affection all of its life.

But pets grow old, and they pass away, oftentimes way before their owners. This is not an easy time for any pet owner, and it can be difficult to let go. That’s why a lot of people opt for urns as the best way to keep their pet’s memory alive.

If you’re looking for a great pet urn that will help you honor the memory of your beloved pet, read on for some of the best options available on the market.

#1 Best Friend Services Ottillie Paws Series Pet Urn

The Best Friend Services Ottillie Paws Series Pet Urn is built to last from solid brass. Not only is it handmade, but it has a distinctly elegant design that provides a dignified last home for your pet’s ashes. The brass exterior is hand-etched for a tasteful finish, plus this urn is available in three different designs to suit different preferences. We love the hand-carved paw prints that add to the overall personalized feel of this urn.

You’ll be glad to know that the Ottillie Paws Series Pet Urn is designed for easy opening with a screw-top lid. It’s built to last with heavy-duty materials, and it’s available in four different sizes, which means it doesn’t matter how large or small your pet is, you’ll be able to fit its ashes comfortably in this urn.

Your pet deserves to rest with dignity. That’s what this hand-crafted pet urn offers with its beautifully engraved paw prints, heavy-duty brass construction, and elegant design.


  • This urn of the Ottillie Paws series features a solid brass elegant design with cute brass hand-carved paw prints enhancing the product’s overall aesthetic appeal.
  • This canine urn features a threaded screw top lid that closes securely to ensure that the ashes contained in the urn don’t spill or pour away.
  • The Ottillie Paws series of urns are available in four different size options – Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large – to enable customers to choose a product that can comfortably accommodate their pooch’s ashes while saving money.
  • This canine urn product features a sturdy and durable build that can last for as long as it is needed while withstanding damage from external weather elements.
  • When purchased, this product comes with a velvet bag that is intended to hold the urn and protect against scratches.


  • Several customers have been left unimpressed about paint chipping off the body of the urn of the Ottillie Paws series.
  • Some customers have also commented that the paw prints carved into their urns were not smoothed out after finishing, thereby giving the product an unappealing look.

This product receives our approval to be the top pick because it is made of 100% pure brass that comes with a hand-crafted paw print design and its top lid comes with a threaded rim to secure the dog’s ashes.

#2 Trupoint Memorials Gold Large Pet Urn

Are you looking for a solidly built and great-looking urn for your pet that won’t burn a hole in your pocket? Look no further than the Trupoint Memorials pet urn. It’s suitable for both cats and dogs of different sizes. It’s handmade from solid brass material and is thoughtfully designed to provide a fitting resting home for your pet.

Think about it; your pet has given you years of its life, and it deserves a graceful final resting place like any other loved one in your life. The hand-carved paw prints add a fun element to the urn’s design and complement its hand-painted surface beautifully. In our opinion, this is one of the best dog urns on the market, and yet it’s available at a very affordable price point.

The best part is the Always Faithful cremation urn is available in three other colors. Besides the default gold color, it is available in black, blue, and white. This 8-inch urn is suitable for the ashes of pets that weigh 122 lbs.

This urn comes with a convenient velvet bag that you can use to keep it safe while on the go, and a screw on treaded lid for easy closing and opening. Plus, you can engrave it with your pet’s name if you like and truly keep your furry friend’s memory alive.


  • Trupoint Memorials’ large pet urn comes with a secure screw-top closure to protect the ashes contained in the urn from spilling or contamination.
  • The scratch-safe felt bottom of this canine urn product helps to protect the bases of the urn from scratches and marks as a result of it being dragged.
  • This product comes with a funnel that customers can conveniently use to spill their canine buddy’s ashes.
  • This large-sized canine urn, which stands 8” tall and 5.5” wide, can comfortably accommodate up to 122 lbs of dog ashes to provide customers with a spacious product that can hold larger pooches.
  • The Trupoint Memorials urn is backed by a money-back guarantee for customers that aren’t impressed with the quality of the product they receive.


  • This urn from Trupoint Memorials doesn’t come with an option for customers to personalize by engraving paw prints on the product.
  • Some customers have also reported receiving urns that were smaller than what they expected.

#3 Best Friend Services Ottillie Paws Series Pet Urn

As the name implies, this pet Urn is designed for pet owners that feel as though they’ve truly lost a best friend. Like the other models, this urn is hand made from solid brass. Why do manufacturers favor this material? Brass is the best material to make an urn from because it’s long-lasting yet elegant.

Not only that but it’s easy to engrave and allows you to preserve the memory of your furry friend by etching its name on the urn. This is in addition to the beautiful paw prints which have been hand-carved to distinguish between your pet’s urn and a human urn. The screw-on top lid means it’s easy to open and close this urn, and it’s available in four different sizes to cater to different dog breeds.

Thanks to the treaded screw-top lid on this urn, you’ll find that it’s easy to keep the remains of your pet safe and secured. It’s made from sturdy brass material, so you won’t have to worry about it falling on the floor and breaking.


  • This urn from Best Friend Services comes with a threaded screw top lid that closes tightly to secure dog ashes contained in the urn.
  • Customers can choose from any of the four available urn sizes – Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large – to ensure that the product can comfortably accommodate their canine buddy’s ashes.
  • This urn of the Ottillie Paws series features a durable and permanent enamel slate finish that ensures the product retains its glossy appearance for a long time.
  • The aesthetically pleasing design of this dog urn can blend seamlessly into existing home décor and even give the home a facelift.
  • This urn comes with solid brass, hand-carved paw prints that enhance the appearance of the urn.


  • This urn isn’t designed to withstand outside weather elements, such as rain, snow, and sun, thereby rendering it unfit for outdoor use.
  • There are multiple reports of paint easily chipping off this canine urn product.

#4 Perfect Memorials Dog In Basket Urn

Perfect Memorials is committed to providing pet owners with fitting memorial tributes. Your fur baby was like a real child to you, so it’s only fitting that you’d get it a quality urn that’ll remind you of your pet for the rest of your life.

This gorgeous urn is made from heavy-duty cold cast resin, and has a bronze colored carving of a sleeping dog. At first glance, this doesn’t look like your average urn. It looks more like an elegant vase or a decorative sculpture.

The bronze carving will give you a sense of peace knowing that your furry friend must be lying on a cloud up in heaven looking down on you in pretty much the same way as the pet in the carving. The bottom of this urn is suitable for carving with a screwdriver, which is something you wouldn’t normally expect from most delicate urns.

This urn opens at the bottom and can be etched with a screwdriver. Plus, it’s available in four different sizes, which is great.


  • The Perfect Memorials dog urn features a durable cold cast resin construction that provides longevity and makes this a product that can be used to hold canine ashes for a significant period.
  • This canine urn is sizable and can conveniently hold the ashes of a large pooch after the dog’s passing.
  • Several customers have been left impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship on display with the production of the Perfect Memorials urn.
  • The wide opening of the Perfect Memorials dog in the basket urn makes it easy for customers to pour the ashes of their canine buddies into the urn.
  • Customers can open up the base panel of this canine urn product for a convenient way to remove their canine buddies’ ashes, should they feel the need to do so.


  • Some customers weren’t pleased with the fact that you have to stick a glue-backed rubber sticker engraving on the bottom of this urn, rather than the actual urn being engraved.
  • There have also been reports of customers receiving engravings with a spelling different from what they sent to the manufacturers of this urn.

#5 Pet Urn Peaceful Pet Memorial Keepsake Urn

First, let’s start by stating that this is not a traditional pet urn. It’s more of a memorial chest that you can use to store all the things that remind you of your pet. Aside from keeping your pet’s ashes safe, this urn can be used to store its old toys or collar, while you can easily store a photograph, measuring 5 inches long by 3.5 inches wide, in the front pocket.

The Pet Urn Peaceful Pet Memorial Keepsake Urn has a fabulous mahogany finish that pretty much fits into any décor scheme. It’s quite big, which makes it ideal for storing the ashes of a large dog and much else besides. Since this chest enables you to add plenty of personal touches, there’ll be no need to spend extra on engraving an urn.

This chest allows you to create a proper memorial with more than just your pet’s ashes. It’s ideal for pet owners who want to honor the memory of two or more dogs who were lost in some tragic event, and now you’ll have somewhere to store your pet’s favorite toys when they’re no longer around.


  • The design of this canine urn product makes it possible for customers to turn the urn and use it either vertically or horizontally.
  • The rich mahogany finish on the Peaceful Pet urn can seamlessly fit with existing home décor and furniture and not look out of place.
  • This Pet Urn product comes with a bag that can be used to hold a dog’s certificate of cremation, collar, favorite toys, and other small-sized items of sentimental value after the pooch’s death.
  • The Keepsake urn comes with a photo slot measuring 5 inches long and 3.5 inches wide for customers to fit in pictures of their canine buddies after passing, with a sliding glass mechanism ensuring that the picture can be changed without disturbing the ashes.
  • The Keepsake urn is one of the more affordable canine urn products on this list of the best dog urns.


  • The absence of an internal lining material results in ashes spilling out of this dog urn when it is turned.
  • The fact that the picture slot of this canine urn product doesn’t come in the standard photo sizes, and this often results in customers needing to trim a picture before they can fit it in the urn.

#6 Enshrined Memorials Cremation Urn For Ashes

This Enshrined Memorials Cremation Urn is made from brass metal with horizontal gold paw engraving. Your pet’s ashes are kept secure with a threaded screw top lid. It even comes with a soft velvet bag that you can use to keep the urn safe and damage-free in case you’re storing it in a drawer or cabinet.

This urn is the perfect send-off for your pet and will help you maintain your pet’s memory forever.

With its thoughtful features and elegant finish, this pet urn is the perfect way to say goodbye to a pet that has been with you for years.


  • The Enshrined Memorials cremation urn features a threaded screw top lid that closes tightly to protect the ashes contained in the urn from external contamination and prevent spilling.
  • This canine urn product comes with a fancy and high-quality velvet bag for storage and transportation of the urn, and to protect the urn from scratches.
  • This cremation urn features horizontal gold paw prints that add to the visual appeal of the urn.
  • This product can comfortably accommodate the ashes of pooches that weigh up to 40 lbs, and with a weight of just over 1 lb when empty, customers can easily move the urn from one place to another.
  • The felt bottom finish of the Enshrined Memorials urn helps protect and prevent damage by scratching to whatever surface the urn is being kept on.


  • Several customers have expressed surprise at receiving Enshrined Memorials urns that were smaller than expected, with claims that the urn couldn’t contain pets that weigh up to 40 lbs, as claimed by the manufacturer.

#7 Best Friend Services Mia Paws Series Cremation Ash Urns

The eye-catching design of this urn is a fitting tribute for pets that adds color to your life with their vibrant personality. It’ll keep your pet’s ashes nice and secure thanks to the threaded screw top, while the durable construction is a guarantee that this urn won’t fall apart to spill your pet’s remains.

This is a high-quality product that’s designed to help pet owners mourn their beloved pets appropriately. The best part is that this urn is backed by a money-back guarantee, which means you can return it at any time if you’re not satisfied with it for any reason.

The Best Friend Services Urn is handmade from heavy-duty brass metal. It features beautiful engraving and comes with a secure threaded screw-top lid.


  • The solid brass structure of the Mia Paws series gives the urn its durability and sturdiness, and it can be used to retain dog ashes for a significant period without degrading in quality.
  • The Mia Paws cremation ash urn features a threaded top screw design that is effective at keeping canine ashes contained in the urn, even when it is turned upside down.
  • This canine urn product is crafted via a plating process that creates a refined, smooth finish over the brass to produce a brilliant finish.
  • The overall finish of this Mia Paws series makes it possible for customers to customize the urn even further by engraving at their local engraving or jewelry shop.
  • Customers can choose from three available size options with the Mia Paws urn series, with each urn having the capacity to hold different quantities of dog ash for dogs of various sizes.


  • Some customers have reported difficulties in closing the lid of this cremation ash urn.
  • The quality inspection and control process of this dog urn product is suspect, as several customers have reported a shoddy paint job and overall craftsmanship.

#8 MMP Living Pet Urn Memorial Keepsake

As a pet owner, you want a pet urn that’ll help you express the level of appreciation you have for your pet. This urn enables you to do just that. It’s made from smooth ceramic for the distinguished pet owner and is perfect for preserving the memory of a long-time companion that died naturally in the winter of its life. Its capacity is 85 cubic inches and it measures 5 inches long by 5 inches wide by 6 inches tall.

Unlike most other urns, this one is shaped like a box and next to the cure paw print engraving is a 2 inches long by 2.5 inches wide space to place your pet’s best photo and a thoughtful inscription. This detailing is further complemented by detailed trimming on the sides, and the opening is kept secure by heavy-duty screw.

This is the ideal resting place for a pet that has been with you for years. It has a gorgeous, functional design and lovely detailing.


  • The top opening of the MMP Living memorial keepsake urn is wide enough to allow customers to comfortably pour their pooch’s ashes into the urn.
  • Customers can personalize this canine urn product by fitting their canine buddy’s picture into the 2” x 2.5” front photo area located on the urn.
  • This canine urn product is spacious enough to hold a pooch’s ashes and a few other items, such as the dog’s collar and favorite toys.
  • Several customers have been left impressed by the beautiful and intricate design of the MMP Living pet urn.
  • The MMP Living urn comes with a thoughtful inscription that comforts and alleviates the pain of grieving dog parents.


  • Multiple customers claimed to have received urns that were different in appearance from what had been advertised by the manufacturer.
  • There have also been several reports of this product lacking the capacity to hold all of a pooch’s ashes belonging to a medium-sized dog.

Dog Urn Buyer’s Guide

As with any purchase, there are several considerations you need to make when looking for a fitting resting place for your cremated pet.

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Most pet owners source their pet urns from vet clinics or funeral homes. These are the most convenient sources, but not always the most affordable. With overheads and transportation charges to consider, these suppliers add a considerable mark-up to the cost of the urn.

If you’re looking for good value for money while still getting an urn that you like, look at a pet crematory or an online retailer like Amazon.


You want an urn that’s going to last for a long time to come, otherwise what’s the point? For the best results, look at customer reviews to see what others are saying about the construction and longevity of the urn.

For a more environmentally form of cremation, you can consider HydroCremation. According to the College of Veterinary Medicine in Cornell University, the HydroCremation process uses only one tenth of the energy as compared to a typical cremation service.


Consider the type of materials that your urn is made from and how it’ll respond to changes in climate. Most pet urns are made from durable materials that can handle different temperature levels, but this isn’t always the case.


Your budget will play a huge role in the type of urn that you end up getting. There are different pet urns to suit different budgets and preferences. If you don’t mind a simple, no-frills design, then you could always purchase an urn that costs $5 or less.

But if you want something that captures the level of appreciation you have for your pet after years of friendship, then you’ll probably end up purchasing an item that costs $100 or more. Of course, there are plenty of pet urns that combine value for money with sturdy design, so you’re spoilt for choice.

Price is always a factor when getting dog products.


The size of your departed dog will largely determine the urn size you get. But it may also be a matter of placement, because some pet urns are so large that they may require a whole section of your fireplace, for example.

Consider putting some of your dog’s beloved toys and even its leather dog collar right beside the urn, or even a pet memorial stone too.


Above all else, pick an urn that tugs at the heartstrings. This receptacle is meant to represent the memory of your pet, so it should remind you of it every time you look at the urn.

Consider donating your unused dog accessories such as dog foods to dog shelters, so that the memory of your furry friend can live on forever.


You can personalize your pet urn as much as you like. You can engrave its name onto it, or even engrave its photo or likeness onto the exterior surface of the urn.

Image from Embark Vet

Types Of Dog Urns

A pet urn is a memorial for your deceased pet so it’s not a purchase to be taken lightly. It’s important to pick a design that you’ll enjoy looking at years from now, while remembering your dog’s personality.

Here are some of the most popular pet urn designs available for you to choose from:

Personalized Dog Urns

For a truly personal touch, you could opt for an urn that allows you to inscribe your pet’s name or death anniversary on the exterior. Putting the personalized dog urn on your dog crate end table is a fitting way to remember your beloved canine companion.

Metal Dog Urns

Metal dog urns are typically constructed from heavy-duty metals like bronze, brass, copper and pewter. They’re available in unique designs and they’re durable enough to withstand falls and different climate conditions. They’re also suitable for engraving your pet’s initials or name.

Dog Photo Urns

As implied in the name, this type of urn is designed to specifically showcase a photo of your dog, which gives them a special, personalized touch. This type of urn is usually constructed from materials like wood, marble and metal.

Wooden Dog Urns

Wooden dog urns add a touch of nostalgia and can be found in different shapes and finishes. Most of them feature warm tones and textures, and are suitable for laser engraving.

Cremation Jewelry Urns

This type of urn comes in the form of a specially designed jewelry piece. They usually contain a tiny inner chamber to keep the ashes safe. This type of urn is perfect for you if you want to keep your dog’s memory close to your heart at all times.

Natural Stone Dog Urns

Natural stone pet urns are typically constructed from marble, clay, onyx or granite. They often come with unique geometrical shape designs and vase-like shapes, which gives them a decorative element.

Keepsake Cremation Urns

These cremation urns are pet urns that usually measure about 3 cubic inches to 50 cubic inches and are suitable for storing a small amount of ashes. Since they’re small, they don’t take up much space and they’re lightweight and portable too. Here’s a great article on saying goodbye to your beloved pooch.

Final Thoughts

Your pet is your best friend, so it only makes sense that you’d want to honor its memory with a beautiful urn. Now that you know what to look for in a quality urn, you’ll hopefully have an easier time finding one that articulates the love and appreciation you have for your deceased pet.

If we were to recommend just one option from the urns we’ve reviewed in this article, it would be our top pick. Why? Simply because it ticks all the boxes with a durable design, thoughtful personal touches and it’s pretty enough for you to display anywhere in the house.

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