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Best Indestructible Dog Toys

The best indestructible dog toy is Chew King Fetch Balls.

Every avid dog lover buys dog toys to keep their furry friend entertained.

Nevertheless, aggressive chewers such as the Pitbull breed can wreck those dog toys in no time.

As such, dog owners spend a great deal of money to replace these regularly. In the worst-case scenario, they even have to bring their pooches to a veterinarian for swallowing indigestible materials in the dog toys.

That’s why for aggressive chewers, it’s highly recommended to get the best indestructible dog toys. These are extremely durable, chew-resistant toys that can withstand your dog’s gnawing and chewing.

Budget Conscious Pick

Nylabone Dog Chew Toy


Chew King Fetch Balls

Readers Pick

Devil Dog Long Lasting Dog Chews

01 Chew King Fetch Balls

Chew King Fetch Balls are a great, lightweight option for dogs to play with all day long. It is made from a 1/2 pound of solid rubber, with a 3-inch thick diameter. Even the most aggressive chewers will find it difficult to tear through this toy. 

Besides, you can now play with your pooch even at night. Because of their glowing in the dark feature; this makes it very easy to find even in the dark.

It's available in two sizes and can withstand heavy and sturdy chews.

  • Apart from its long durability span, Chew King Fetch Balls have a safety air vent that protects the dog's tongue from sticking. Besides, it is very vivid because of its various colors. It also bounces well while retaining its shape. And to crown it all, it's very light and makes for easy carrying.

02 Nylabone Dog Chew Toy

Considering the capability of chewing in various breeds, Nylabone Dog Chew Toy is made to suit any dog size, both big and small chewers.

This dog toy will help your furry friend to curb its destructive chewing behaviors and help to keep it mentally and physically stimulated.

  • They are designed to help your aggressive chewer develop healthy teeth while giving it some natural chew treats. Its price is also very pocket-friendly and provides a great value-for-money durable chew toy for your pet pooch. It is perfect for a budget-conscious buyer.

03 Devil Dog Long Lasting Dog Chews

The Devil Dog Chews brand has been committed to ensuring that your canine companion gets the satisfaction it needs. That's why they have these Organic Wild Elk Antler Dog Chews which vary in their shape, size, weight, color, and even thickness.

The essence of their different sizes is to ensure that the bigger canines don't swallow them.

  • They are sourced from the wild in the Rocky Mountain Region in the United States. We really liked these chew toys as they are long-lasting, high in quality, and great for an aggressive chewer.

04 ONEISALL Dog Chew Toy

This canine chew toy is made from a nylon material that is bite-resistant and non-toxic, which provides a safe playing toy for your pooch.

It comes with grooves on the toy, which doubles up to clean your pup's teeth. 

  • Made with safe and non-toxic material, the ONEISALL canine chew toy is a great option for aggressive chewers. It comes in 3 different sizes which makes the ONEISALL toy suitable for most breed sizes out there.

05 goDog Checkers Elephant Durable Dog Toy

These canine chew toys are made of very durable and tough fabric material. They have Chew Guard Technology that makes it suitable even for the most aggressive chewer.

Longer lasting as compared to standard plush toys, and in case you don't like them, you can always get a replacement. They are also brightly colored for their visibility.

  • The Chew Guard Technology gives these dog toys extra toughness which makes them fairly indestructible. Besides, its double stitches add to its durability as compared to others. This makes them perfect to accommodate even the most aggressive chewers.

06 Aizara Durable Dog Chew Toy

If you want to treat your canine companion daily during its play in the water, then you need to have the Aizara Durable Dog Chew Toy. These chew toys provide long-lasting enjoyment while promoting positive chewing and playing habits.

  • It can float on water. This makes it a great canine chew toy to use while playing in the water. If your pooch is aquatic-friendly, then you can't miss having this dog chew toy.

07 Petstages Durable Wood Dog Chew

For aggressive chewers, the Real Wood Dog Chew is an excellent option for the satisfaction it gives them.

They are very durable sticks which are safer than real ones. It's non-toxic, so you don't have to worry about the health of your canine companion. They have a natural wood smell which is irresistible to dogs. They are 100% made in the United States.

  • They are good alternatives to real sticks which can't injure your pooch. They are durable and non-toxic, which makes them safe to play with. Also, their prices are an affordable option for dog owners looking to get a durable canine toy.

08 Goughnuts Original Dog Chew Ring

This chew toy was initially designed in 2006, and it was developed to be tougher and more durable while at the same time making it safer.

As your aggressive chewing pooch plays with it, it bites at different positions; hence it can't wear off so fast. It is a long-lasting chew toy that has been made by polymer experts.

  • The product comes with a guarantee. Whenever your dog chew and the red parts becoming visible, the manufacturer can replace the ring for you. It is indestructible, durable, and tough.

09 West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Dog Bone Toy

The Hurley Bone Chew Toy is one of those chew toys that don't get grimy for being in the mouth of your pooch for long. It's 100% floatable and makes fetching in the water an enjoyable game that you can play with your pooch.

They are made in the US, BPA-free and FDA compliant. This dog toy is safe, non-toxic, and guaranteed to last longer.

  • They are floatable making them great for aquatic games. They are safe and non-toxic. Since they come in various colors, they are great for play in the snow, water, and grass.

10 West Paw Zogoflex Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

No matter the age of your dog, the Tux Durable Canine Chew Toy stands tough and durable. It's suitable for aggressive chewing breeds.

Besides that, this indestructible canine toy is dishwasher safe. It floats, bounces and flings while keeping your furry friend stimulated both physically and mentally.

  • You can put some of your pooch's favorite treats inside the dog toy such as biscuits, peanuts, or kibble which encourages your furry friend to gnaw at them. They are also floatable hence they are not limited to grass or snow plays.

11 KONG Extreme Rubber Ball

Whether your dog loves chewing, gnawing, tossing, or tugging, the KONG Extreme Rubber Ball is there to ensure your canine companion is happy as well.

It comes preloaded with an "Extreme Bounce" mechanism, which means that this chew-resistant dog toy will keep your pet pooch fit because it will be running and fetching for it.

  • A trusted homegrown brand, the KONG Extreme Rubber Ball is known as the "King of Durability" among dog owners. Some of them have mentioned that this ball managed to survive for 1 whole year!

12 Pet Qwerks Barkbone Chew Dog Toy

This canine chew toy is made in the United States. Made with real bacon, you can be sure that your pooch will find this durable dog toy irresistible.

It has no colorants or additives making them great and nontoxic for your furry friends. They are generously big and well-curved for easy pickup and holding. While chewing, it helps to massage your pooch's gums and cleans the interior of its teeth.

  • The Pet Qwerks Barkbone doesn't contain additives or colorants which can be allergic and potentially toxic to your pet pooch.

13 Nylabone Big Chew Toy Bone

This Nylabone Big Chew Toy Bone is made of durable nylon which makes it suitable for aggressive chewers. It can be labeled as an "indestructible" dog toy.

They are chicken flavored to help your pooch develop positive chewing habits. No matter the chewing level, this indestructible canine toy is suitable for gentle, moderate, strong to extreme chewers.

Nevertheless, this one is made for your big furry friend.

  • They have raised bristles that cleanse the teeth and help in controlling plague as your furry friend chews the bone. They are also tough for making them great for aggressive chewers.

14 XL Rope Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers

This package comes with 3 durable dog ropes for playing tug with your pooch. These ropes will make you and your pooch purely excited while doing your exercises.

They are great in alleviating boredom in your aggressive chewing pooch.

These ropes don't contain any lead, phthalates, and cadmium. Even though they are highly durable, but they can still wear down. Remember to discard them when they tear off.

  • They have been tested and approved for use of your pet pooch as they don't contain traces of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium. They also give a 100% money guarantee.

15 Arm & Hammer Super Treadz Gorilla Chew Toy

It is made of non-toxic latex and soft rubber that makes your pooch feel comfortable. Uniquely designed as a Gorilla Chew Toy,  it's a sporty canine toy that your furry friends companion will enjoy.

You can squeeze these chew toys to make a squeaking sound that can help to attract your dog's attention.

  • It is designed to last longer and to produce some sounds when it is squeezed, which makes it a great method to help your pooch develop healthy chewing habits. The grooves on this dog toy also help to promote healthy gum and teeth.

Buyers Guide

Indestructible Dog Toy's Buyer's Guide

Choosing a dog's toy can be very difficult when you are choosing one for your aggressive chewing pooch.

There's just so much to think about with the many different options out there in the market. To make it even more complicated, the dog toy manufacturers are coming up with so many different designs which makes choosing that canine toy that much more difficult.

For aggressive chewers especially, it is important to choose a durable dog toy. This helps to keep your furry friend constantly occupied, minimizing the risk of developing weight and behavioral issues.

How Do You Select A Tough Dog Toy?

Here are a few factors that you can consider when selecting a durable canine toy.

Consider Their Chewing Type

Well, in the canine world, the word "chew" could mean something different altogether. As genetically programmed in their bodies, most dogs don't chew instead they rip, tear or shred. They aim to reduce the large prey into smaller and bite-sized parts.

By understanding how your pooch's teeth function, can provide you with a clearer picture of the type of dog toy to buy for your pooch.

In general, dogs that chew fall into 3 categories.

  • Gentle – Your furry companion is a gentle chewer if it usually plays with chew toys by mouthing, sitting, or licking them rather than ripping them apart.
  • Average – These breeds of dogs have a tendency to chew on their dog toys. Occasionally, you can find them ripping apart a fabric toy. But they are not heavy chewers.
  • Powerful – These aggressive chewers are thorough in their chewing. No matter how hard a toy is, these dogs will rip it apart within a few hours, days, or months. They need tough and indestructible dog toys to keep their chewing tendencies occupied.

What Does Your Dog Like?

Now that you know you need a durable canine toy, the next thing should be deciding which kind of toy you should opt for. The most common options are a ball or a tug toy.

For a ball toy, you can fill with some treats inside to motivate your pet pooch to continue chewing. As your furry friend rolls the dog toy around, it dispenses treats and keeps your pooch constantly occupied.

You can put in some peanuts, biscuits, or any other treats that your furry companion likes. Some ball toys come with a squeaker inside that can keep your dog occupied. But if your pet pooch is sensitive to noise, we wouldn't recommend this option.

The second option you can consider is a Tug Toy.

Tug toys are great for interactive games. Using this dog toy, your canine companion can play with you or the other dogs. It is good always to remember that, you should not be aggressive when you are playing with your pooch. Never jerk the rope from your dog's teeth, as you might risk damaging their teeth. Also, don't jerk the rope vertically as it can cause spine, neck, and jaw injuries.

From our research, tug toys are made typically using rope or leather material.

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Notice Its Play Style & Personality

You will notice that some dogs are more of chasers, chewers, or cuddlers.

Observe your pet pooch to know their play style.

With this information, you can choose the canine toy that best suits their playstyle. depending on the most common playstyle. For example, chasers and chewers typically will enjoy a ball toy. While cuddlers generally prefer fabric toys that will keep them company.

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Your Dog's Age

Your dog's age also plays an important factor in determining the type of dog toy to get for them.

During the teething stage, it is recommended not to give your puppy a hard toy. Instead, provide them soft toys that help to develop their teeth.

With senior dogs, it's also best not to give them a hard toy as they might be suffering from dental issues and fragile teeth.

Generally, only consider giving your canine companion a tough dog toy once it has reached adulthood as its teeth and jaw muscles would have fully developed.

Think About Its Play Areas

Does your pet pooch prefer swimming in your backyard's swimming pool? If that's the case, a ball toy might be more suitable. Ball dog toys can typically float on water, making for great fun and enjoyment for your pet pooch.

Or perhaps is your 4-legged companion more of an indoor pooch? Then consider getting them an indestructible tug toy instead. This lessens the risk of your precious cutlery, cookware, and expensive electronics getting knocked over by your canine friend. After all, you wouldn't want your dog chasing all-around your house with a ball toy. It's dangerous for your pet pooch's health and for your pocket too.

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Durability Of The Dog Toy

Naturally, an indestructible canine toy made from durable and tough materials.

Nylon and rubber are durable materials that you should look out for. However, you can choose the ones made of vinyl and latex, which are softer, for your puppies or senior dogs that have weak jaws.

Quality & Safety

For your aggressive chewing pooch, you shouldn't choose a toy that is made of non-durable materials. Not only you have to replace the dog toy more often, but it could be a potential choking hazard for your pet pooch too.

Also, consider the material used to make the dog toy. Some dog toys can contain poisonous substances such as lead that can be hazardous to the health of your canine companion.

Size Of Toy

If your dog is big, don't buy them small dog toys. They could end up swallowing the dog toys, especially treats that have been placed inside the chew toys.

Likewise, avoid getting a large toy for your small pooch. They wouldn't be interested to play with it.

Avoid Coatings

With coatings, you run the risk of it peeling off and having your pet pooch accidentally ingesting it. These could potentially be harmful to the digestion of your pet pooch.

It is advisable to go for an indestructible canine chew toy that doesn't have a coating.

Dog toys that easily peel off are certainly not the best quality to go for.

Machine Washable For Added Convenience

Save yourself precious time and get an indestructible canine toy that you can clean easily. Look out for a machine washable label so that you can simply chuck them into a washing machine.

To maintain the hygiene of your toys, you should clean them after every play. This will avoid germs from harboring inside the dog toy which could cause your furry friend to fall ill.


Although this is not an important factor, there are some considerations to think about. A good example is that if your play area is on green grass, it is not advisable to get a green indestructible canine toy as you might not be able to spot it.

Additional Safety Tips

  • Always remember to throw away any damaged toy and replace it immediately.
  • Avoid toys that have harmful components such as mercury or lead.
  • Consider your dog's age when choosing a canine toy. Young puppies and older dogs should not be given a tough toy to play with.
  • Don't buy too small toys as can be easily swallowed.
  • Avoid purchasing too soft toys; they end up being destroyed fast. The soft ones are great for puppies.
  • Ensure your pet pooch doesn't swallow any shredded parts of the toy. If they do, bring them to a local veterinarian immediately.

It is the joy of every dog owner to have a chew toy that will satisfy the chewing needs of your furry friend.

We have researched and provided a list of indestructible canine chew toys that you can consider getting. However, do bear in mind that no indestructible dog toys will last forever.

Some, such as the Chew King Fetch Balls, are more durable (maybe even virtually indestructible!) and withstand aggressive chewing. It also comes in various shapes and sizes which makes it suitable for most aggressive chewing breeds.

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