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Ten Dogs To Compete For The Cutest Rescue Dog Contest

Thousands of dog owners have submitted applications to vie for PEOPLEโ€™s Worldโ€™s Cutest Dog Rescue for 2022, with the ten finalists being revealed on August 31, 2022. The magazine, together with the dog food brand Pedigree, is sponsoring the contest that has been held since 2018.

Serena Williams Mourns Loss Of Dog

Tennis superstar Serena Williams announced the death of her Maltese dog in a post on social media. The Maltese, named Lauerlei Linkogle Williams, died on August 27, 2022. Lauerlei was 18 years old.

The Sussexes Adopt A New Dog

One of the Beagles rescued from a breeding facility in Virginia had the fortune of being adopted by a celebrity couple from Sussex. Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Kent, went to the home of the Beagle Freedom Project organizer in North Hollywood, California, to pick a Beagle to be part of their family.

Shelter Dog Lands Role In Film

The recent release of the new film, Prey, saw the arrival of an unexpected breakout star in the form of a former shelter dog. Coco, who was adopted from Fulton County Animal Services, a shelter based in Atlanta, Georgia, won acclaim from many dog lovers for her portrayal as the sidekick of the lead actress in the film, which premiered on Hulu on August 5, 2022.

Dogs Hailed As Heroes In Two Separate Incidents

Dogs really are a manโ€™s best friend. In two separate incidents in August 2022, a Maryland dog saved a family from an impending fire, and a Labrador from North Carolina helped police find a missing child. On August 15, 2022, a family from Frederick County, Maryland was saved from a terrible fire by their family dog during the night.

Dog Missing For Two Months Found In A Cave

Jeff Bohnert got the surprise message he was hoping for. His dog Abby, a 13-year-old Poodle-Hound mix, was found alive after missing for nearly two months. A group of Missouri spelunkers, led by Gerry Keene and Rick Haley, was mapping the Berome Moore Cave north of Perrysville, Missouri, when they stumbled upon Abby curled up in a ball inside the cave on August 6, 2022.